Thursday, November 29, 2012

Welcome to my Blog

So everyone seems to have one of these lately (a blog...) and as usual I'm a bit behind, but here blog about my crafts.

I don't really know what to write as of right now, other than that the love for sewing came back to me a bit more than 2 years ago when my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer and I picked up this hobby. I already loved sewing a lot when I was in middle school, it's always been my fave class in school, but I never got around to actually having time or doing anything else after that. But then my dad got sick and for some reason sewing was the only thing back then that was able to switch my mind off.

I could sit for hours, not really noticing how the time passed, while I was sat at my mum's sewing machine, but it helped me get through the tough times and oddly enough it made me happy in a time where happiness was a rare thing.

Sadly my dad passed away the following March, after losing a 6 month battle, but my hobby stayed. And it's the same today, it is still a way for me to just switch my brain off and let go of things. It's my own way of therapy and it's the best feeling when other people appreciate my work, or even consider buying it. Then it's just amazing. :)

So in the future I'm gonna try and update this every now and then with current things I've created and am really hoping that there's a few people out there who might enjoy my posts :)

Until next time,
xx Lia

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