Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A new Project Quilting Challenge...

and I am participating this time again as well.

This weeks challenge at Project Quilting is called "My favourite colour" which had me thinking for a while, cuz in terms of quilting I have several. In the end I picked brown. You're only allowed to use one colour but shades of it, so I dug out one of my favourite batik fabrics and a brown Windham fabric and then thought this could be the perfect way to try out a few things that I've not done before.

I had recently purchased the "Quick Strip Paper Piecing" Craftsy online course by Peggy Martin to learn paper piecing and really liked the Dreamweaver stars, so decided to make a pillow case and use one of the stars. I was surprised at how quick and easy it turned out to be to make one of these stars, all the while checking back on my laptop with the course to make sure I did it all right.

I admit, my star points could probably look sharper and the middle got slightly wonky, but I love this star and the colours. I think it looks awesome this way. 
Since there was a lot of white now though I decided to machine stitch the outlines of the star across the extended block. Then I created piping from the batik fabric, which was also a first, as well as the whole sewing it on part. Struggling with that a bit, but I think it turned out okay in the end. I left the back of this pillow case plain white with a hotel closure by the way.

And here it is...


Other news of this week are me having custom problems with an order from the Fat Quarter Shop. I have ordered from them before and I know for sure that there are always accurate custom forms on the parcels. So excuse me while I don't believe the customs office over here that that wasn't the case. They seem to have it out for shipments coming from the US at the moment, because the same happened wth a parcel from a friend just 3 weeks ago and it's starting to go on my nerves, because said parcel back then was a Christmas gift and also marked as a gift and customs demanded a bill for the contents...erm, right. Of course you have a bill for the contents when it's not even a commercial shipment...please excuse me while I laugh. On top of that the guys there are always so rude. When I called this time they told me 'it wasn't protocol' to tell me who sent something to me that was now stuck there, because all I got was a letter stating there was a shipment at the customs office for me, not from where or who. So I askes the guy if he wanted me to guess now. I'm sorry, but stuff like that really makes me lose my temper.

In the end I had to pay taxes, even though all other parcels from FQS always got here customs free, even when I ordered for a higher amount than I did this time. And I can now wait up to another 3 weeks (!!!) for it to be sent to me. Mind you, 3 weeks is the normal time from the US to here in Germany, the quickest I ever had was 10 days, but that the customs here IN Germany needs 2 to 3 weeks to send it when the normal DHL delivery time is 2 days, is just outrageous. 

Needless to say the order contains fabrics that I wanted to use for the Block of the Month challenge at Quiet Play. Guess I will start following in February then. :(

Until next time
xx Lia

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  1. Super like for the pillow and a big sigh for the customs trouble. Bureau"crazy" at its best...


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