Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A new year, new luck...

that's what they say and that's also the reason why I decided to join "Project Quilting" again this year. My friends may remember that I already did it last year, with a - back then - for me huge project, a wall hanging.

Unfortunately it didn't win anything, but it was a great way to show my skills and learn some more in the process of creating this wall hanging. So, this year it's the 4th season of Project Quilting and I'm gonna try and stick with it to the end this time. Already curious of what it's going to have in store.

So far it's fun. The first challenge is called "A square in a a square..." which initially made me laugh and literally screamed POTHOLDERS at me. Yeah, I have a thing for those just as I have for buttons and sheep...the ones here knowing me personally will know what that means ;) 
BUT, I have never created square an idea was born already.

Now the challenge matra is to "think outside the square", well uhm, I so didn't do that here, so apologies ahead, but here's what I came up with. Small, simple, red and white and some gingham fabrics mixed in between...

That's squares gallore and my mum loves them, so it was well worth it already. And maybe my time frame will allow for a bit bigger projects with the next challenges, we'll see... now wish me luck and maybe I will win something this year...

Until next time,


  1. Beautiful pot holders, love the fabrics too!

  2. I like them, too. Here's wishing you tons of luck for the journey ahead! :-)

  3. Cool Pot Holders for the Project Quilting Challenge! Love the red and white! Very striking!


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