Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another new experience...

I had the awesome (or actually really not) idea, to enter the wall hanging that I made last year during a Project Quilting Challenge, into a quilt contest. And as soon as I had hit the enter button I started to feel a little sick.

The Quilting Gallery has weekly themed contests and this week it's Challenge Quilts. So since this wall hanging was created for a challenge I thought I could give it a try.

All entries will be displayed on the website at the Quilting Gallery on Friday, that's tomorrow, and will be put up for voting, so the site visitors can pick their favourites.

Seeing how many amazing quilting artists are out there, I doubt that I really would stand a chance, but it probably will be fun to see how many votes I can get.

Here now a few more pictures of said wall hanging to show it off.

Wish me luck everyone, I'll post the link for voting up tomorrow after work! :)

Until next time,

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