Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year and what's new?

The new year is already 5 days old again, but I can say that I have already been busy following my main resolution, which is trying to sew more.

I have several orders that I am working on at the moment, which is great, hopefully the year ahead will stay busy in terms of that, but I also became part of a few challenges, the first one being the 'Monthly Book Challenge' by Ange from Heart of Charnwood.

I picked one of the many books for making bags that I have and since I got an order for one to make from one of those books, I thought it would be perfect to be entered into the challenge.


It's only a small little bag to be used for make-up and toiletries for example, but I used my currently favourite fabric line on it, Noteworthy by Sweetwater for Moda. I love this line, it's so cute!

Also I was asked to do something in lime green, granted it's not all over lime green, but I hope this will please the buyer. Oh and I used some fabric for the lining that I just received from a friend in the USA, she sent me about 25 yards of low volume fabric, white on white and white on neutrals, which are so hard to come by over here. I had to use one for the inside of this little bag.

More projects that I am currently working on are a quilt for myself (that I actually started over 2 years ago and am now close to finishing), another bag and then I really need to stock up my Dawanda shop.

So expect more posts soon!

Until next time,


  1. Yay for the new orders! Love the look of the bag - and of the key tags that have finally made it in the photo stream after people like me had got their Xmas surprises. ;-)
    Oh, and can't wait to see that 'mysterious' quilt for yourself!

  2. thanks Devi, you may remember the one that I started over 2 years ago, in fall colours with a brown border? I got backing fabric for it and decided to make 2 tops, so 2 quilts, one for me and one for mum :)

    1. i do remember! now i'm all the more interested what it's going to look like. :-)

  3. I LOVE you box bag. This is a pattern from a book YOU WROTE!!??? Wow - double impressed!!!

    1. not a book I wrote, just one I own :) I realised I probably worded that wrong lol, so revised :)


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