Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Starry Tote for Project Quilting

It's that time once again and this week's Project Quilting challenge is called 'Wish Upon A Star'.

I decided to make a tote bag for this challenge, simply because my mum really wanted a tote bag, althought she wanted one of those that The Green Bag Lady was giving away for Valentine's Day. I tried to win one, but wasn't so lucky. So this will have to do ;)

I paper-pieced the star following a pattern that I found online. Let's say I should've pieced the parts together differently cause the way the pattern asked for it, it created a lot of bulk and was a struggle to sew the last part to the other parts, time I would do this differently. 

There's only one in the process picture - I tend to get carried away once I start - but mum loves her new shopping bag! 

Until next time,
xx Lia

1 comment:

  1. Your star bag is beautiful. I am still working on my star project. Hopefully, I can finish it up tomorrow.


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