Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just Spoolin' Around - Entry for Block of the Month, March

I decided to work on the block for this month early as my March is packed with lots of work and appointments and I don't want to reach the end of the month and realise, damn, I don't have time to finish the things I wanted to.

So here is my entry for the "And Sew On..." Block of the Month Challenge over at Kristy's Blog "Quiet Play".

This month's block is called "Just Spoolin' Around" and since I decided that using solids would be too boring, and I didn't want to use textured fabrics on the thread part of the spools either, I simply machine stitched along my fabric pieces, to make them look like there's actually thread on them. These close-up pictures were all taken in normal daylight. I apologise for the bad quality, I desperately need a new camera, but unfortunately the one that I bought made even worse pictures so I sent it back and have now been using my old one again.

Also this block was created on my mum's machine, the machine I've been using for over 2 years until buying my own one last Christmas, a Singer Confidence 7647, which is now off to be repaired. Seems I got a Monday model, as everything was going fine, she was sewing fine, too, but then started to make these scratchy noises on the inside - somewhere behind the actual program key part of the machine - which got so bad at some point that it sounded like something was abrading on the inside. So yeah, now she's off to the doctor and I miss her already!

That aside, I have to say, I'm really starting to love paper-piecing as I am beginning to get a bit more practice with these blocks. It's so much fun and great for an extensive scrap stash like mine. 

Can't wait for the April block now. So roll on April! ;)

And I apologise in advance, but there will be two blog posts today, lol!

xx Lia


  1. Thats a good idea! I was thinking that I don't have any nice interesting material for the thread bits, but now I can make my own!

    1. It's a bit time consuming, but I think it looks cool ;)

  2. I think they look great! I was worried solids would look boring too, but never thought to stitch on them, great idea. This BOM is such good fun!

  3. Sewing the threads onto the spool is an awesome idea! It looks so good!! I am jealous that I didn't think of that!!



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