Friday, April 26, 2013

A crazy about we have a secret swap?

In my previous post, I told you about that crazy idea that I had after I made a tote bag for my friend.

What if I have my own tote bag swap on this blog? Would you even want to participate?

I decided I should just give it a try, so starting on the 1st of May, you'll be able to sign up for a Secret Tote Bag Swap. More details will of course follow, but I would really love to know if anyone would be up for it! :)

I'm planning to have this swap running over a longer period of time, which means you'll be able to have a bit of time to finish your project.

For example, one month sign up time, one month time to finish the project and mail it, one month link-up time with a giveaway at the end for everyone who participated in the link-up of the swap.

No rush or anything, I want to make this a pleasant experience for everyone.

Does that sound good to you? What do you think?

All pointers, ideas, tips, suggestions and of course also critiques are highly welcome!

See you then!
xx Lia


  1. I'm in. Thanks. I will share the news.

  2. Hi, Schau doch mal hier, falls u im August mit uns Kissen tauschen willst. Jetzt läuft der swap gerade schon in kleiner runde für totes. Lg aylin


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