Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Covert Robin Gifts!


I'm totally excited, as today did not only my Covert Robin partner receive her gift, but I also received my gift from my partner and now I can finally blog about them.

So for starters, here's what I received from the lovely Elizabeth from Woozy Quilts, coming all the way from Santa Ana, California.

Elizabeth made a pretty pillowcase in spring colours, which are perfect for all the dreadful cold and winterlike days we still have here. In fact, we're supposed to get more snow on Friday, so these spring prints are really what you need to cheer up!

I'm not sure, but I think she used repurposed vintage sheets for this pillow case. I've seen a few quilts in this style being done on the blogs that I follow. Nice cotton prints in all types of variations. And look at her free motion quilting! I still have tons to learn until mine will look so neat and clean! Thank you, Elizabeth :)

Now onto the gift that I made for my partner, Carolina from The Dotted Whale. First of I have to say that it was not easy to get ideas, as she does have a blog, but at that moment didn't really have anything written about herself. All I found out was, that she moved to Canada, is learning to master the English language and has 3 kids, of which 2 are boys and 1 is a little baby girl. Also she had joined a handpainted fabric swap. So that got me thinking...and thinking...and thinking... until my head hurt a bit lol!

I had no idea about colour choices so I went out on a whim and decided to do something colourful and new and dug out one of the pattern books that I got for Christmas. In there I found the 'hobo bag' and let's be honest, if you have a baby you always need room for diapers and bottles and all the extra stuff...and with 3 kids that means you carry around a lot of stuff, so therefore need a big bag...perfect idea in my opinion.


And then I started sewing...which took me 2 days to finish this bag and a lot of arguing with the pattern, cuz we just didn't agree with each other ;)


 I got there in the end though, as you can see...

That wasn't all that I included though. Since that whole handpainted fabric thing really tickled me, I bought a few textile paints and started an amateur like attempt by carving my own little stamps from cheap erasers that I bought at the Euro Shop (which would be the German equivalent for a Dollar-Store...) and then printed on test swatches of about layer cake size.

 That turned out so fun that I decided to use them for Carolina. So I cut them up into proper mini charms for an extra little gift and then tight them up in a bow. On top of that I also pushed a few other pieces into the envelope, elastics, ribbon, cute buttons that I thought she could use since she sews clothes for her kidlets, and some chocolate bunnies. And I'm so glad she received it well and liked it all as she told me today in the email she wrote.

My verdict of this Covert Robin is, that I had a lot of fun creating something for a person I never met before or even talked to/emailed and the stalking part was fun ;) I think I'll definitely do it again next year!

Until next time
xx Lia

P.S: This post will also be linked up to the Monthly Book Challenge at Heart of Charnwood for the month of April, as soon as Angie has set up this month's challenge post :)


  1. I decided to follow you after seeing you also do "Heart of Charnwood" like I do sometimes. I love your gifts your partner is very lucky. I am still waiting. It is hard to wait.

  2. I think your hand printed fabric turned out very cute. And the bag was great as well. I can see with those matching lines of fabric, how it was giving you trouble.

  3. I'm the luckiest partner. Thank you for the gift, is perfect for me.

  4. Oooh I'm glad you liked it!! They are vintage sheets, I love how soft they are!


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