Monday, April 15, 2013

My baby brother is a Lego genius...

A good 2 years ago on one of my expeditions through the world wide web, I found a small sewing machine made entirely out of Lego. 
Back then I just loved that idea and would have loved to have one for myself, but never got around to digging out my old Lego box and building one my own.

Just last week though, on one of those expeditions through blog world, I stumbled across Carrie's blog Suchity Such, which I really liked and started to follow and then realised - Carrie is the creator of said Lego sewing machine, and she even made a tutorial so you could build your own!

I knew from the start that I'd be running short of several specific stones, but my little brother Niklas, who's 9 years old now, has a huge Lego collection and so I printed out the tutorial and took it along on my latest visit. 

He was excited about it from the start. Then after several hours of looking through his Lego stashes and boxes, disassembling a Lego caravan to get to the curved stones for the front and me promising on my heart that I would buy those so he could replace them on his caravan, we came up not only with a sewing machine build from the tutorial, but also this:

We changed a few minor things on the machine and gave it the name of my Singer, added another spool on top, too. The box of spools was my idea, finding all the different colours was a bit of a struggle, then we added the small shelf, for fabric. I will have to fold up a few scraps for that ;)

Then Niklas decided that we also needed someone to sew on the machine, so he made me a little sewist girl, with a big skirt.
Then we decided that the machine needed a table and since there was a lot of room on this nice and big table, I asked him if he had any green 4 x 4 plates, because they could resemble a cutting mat. Little genius that he is, he knew that they have 2 sides, so he made me one that looks exactly like mine. And then, of course, we also needed a rotary cutter. I have one in yellow which is for cutting and another blue one, where the blade is so blunt, that I only use it for marking now, and since we didn't have all the stones for a yellow one, we made a blue one ;)

Here are a few close-ups...   

I'm really excited about this little creation and really proud, too. We had a very fun afternoon and evening and it just shows that you're never too old to play with Lego. I still love it as much as I did as a kid!

We decided that he would receive some of my old Lego kits as a reward for his hard work, because he wanted a restaurant for his train station and rails and as it happens, I had one as a kid. So he's all excited about getting it now and I think I might add a few smaller things, too ;)

But anyway, just had to share this with all of you!

Until next time, have a fab time
xx Lia


  1. Wow! Your brother is awesome!! I wish I had a brother like that. You tell him anytime he wants a British sister, he can have me :)

  2. That is so cute! What an awesome activity to do with your brother too!

  3. I forgot to comment this post. Is awesome!! I will do with my Big Boy.


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