Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Monthly Book Challenge

Ok, the end of May has suddenly approached way too fast, but I managed to scratch one more thing off my to-do-list, which means I can finally link up to Angie's Monthly Book Challenge.

This month I picked the book "Quilted Gifts from your Scraps & Stash" by House of White Birches. I got this book for Christmas and there's a pillow in there, that's also actually on the cover of the book, that I wanted to make.


With the following pictures coming, you will notice that the pillow isn't looking anything like the one in the book, though (and I still want to make the actual pillow shown in the book!). That's because I turned two projects into one. I'm currently working on a gift for someone, so I can't reveal the front of the pillow as of yet, but I made the back with the same 'pattern' that is shown in the book and used the same quilting on it, too. 

I suppose that counts for a book-made project then ;)

Now all I need to make is this month's block for Kristy's And Sew On paper-pieced sew-along!
Am gonna attack that one this afternoon!

So there's another post yet on the way ;)

Until then
xx Lia!

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