Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mug Rug Revival and Sewing Room Swap - Finished

Sorry for being quiet lately, but it's vacation and holiday season and I've been covering for 2 of my colleagues since they're off work, so things were a bit hectic and there wasn't that much time to sew or blog.

But I finished several pieces for swaps - I'm totally hooked on swaps - as well as a few things for friends, which means there will be 2 posts today ;)

First of, I want to show you what I made for the Mug Rug Revival, though. My partner likes sewing themes and a few of the colours she mentioned are grey, red and low volume/text fabric. I've been wanting to try this pattern by Charise Creates for a while now and turning it into a mug rug seemed perfect.

There were a few struggles on the way, though. For startes, I had to print the pattern out about 20 times and cut it into parts for the piecing progress, as the pattern didn't come with pre-printed parts. Then I used a layer cake charm of Noteworthy for the background, the only one I had of it. Getting the print in the correct direction on all the parts was a pain in the you know what and then upon piecing everything together, I realised I had missed a part and no more Noteworthy left. Argh! I scraped a few tiny snippets together and made one part of it to just about cover the paper and of course not getting the print in the correct direction as there was just not enough fabric left. Those are moments when I just want to bite myself, but disaster was controlled as you can see below.

I know self praise is bad, but I'm so in love with this little one, that it's so hard for me to send this off! I would prefer to keep it for myself, lol!

Added a little free-motion with invisible thread, which is my new fave for quilting small pieces.

This is what my partner will receive from me and I hope she'll like my choices.

That's one swap out of the way, and I'll be sending the above goodies off on Monday. Another swap that I finished recently is the Sewing Room Swap.

My partner here likes Vintage Kitchen themes and left me a bit torn with what to make. I've only recently purchased the book 'Cups and Saucers' by Maaike Bakker which would've been perfect for this occasion because it's full of paper-pieced patterns of well...Cups and Saucers, but for some reason it didn't feel 'right', so I kept looking and came across the retro kitchen patterns in Kristy's Craftsy Shop. Those were more my cup of tea and then they turned into two wall-hangings for my partner.

Once again I added a few more goodies, trying to match the likes of my partner. These will be sent toward the end of the month, although I'm contemplating of shipping them earlier. After all they have quite a way to travel across the big pond.

Joining all these countless swaps lately has been extreme fun, because I always try to challenge myself to create something new, that I've not made before or otherwise may not have had the chance to. So far it's working great. Of course there's the nevre wracking part of what your partner will say about it and then there's the suspense of what you'll be receiving yourself, but that is the exciting part and I really love packing packages for someone else to surprise them and make them happy :) 
Reminds me of the times as a teenager when I had about 30 penpals lol!

I'm linking this post up with Kristy's Paper Piecing Party this week. Check out all the awesome paper-pieced blocks that other bloggers linked up and I'll see you in a minute with my other post!

Until then have a good time
xx Lia


  1. Fantastic mug rug and those wall hangings are so cute! Nice work.

  2. Very nice! I'm sure that both of your partners will just love what you've done for them!

  3. Love what you've made! The sewing machine looks fabulous - well done!

    I love that you used the red and aqua for the vintage kitchen wallhangings - perfect!

  4. The mug rug turned out completely awesome as did Kristy's kitchen patterns. Your swap partners are so lucky!!

  5. Very nice! Such great little gifts, I'm sure they will be well loved. :)


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