Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Sewing Space

Everyone's been showing their craft spaces and sewing studios during this weeks Studio Spotlight hosted by The Sewing Loft and Ellison Lane

There was an incredible amount of inspiring studios shown and I envy everyone who has a room solely for their sewing equipment and fabrics. Unfortunately I'm not that lucky, but my bedroom is fairly big as it used to be our living room and I moved upstairs a couple years ago with my mother turning my old bedroom into the new living room. So now I actually have my crafty corner here in my room.

This is my main sewing space, I am actually using a big foldable camping table, that I can remove if I need more floor space. On top of the table is my cutting mat, my machine, as well as a big lamp with a daylight bulb that lightens up my work space perfectly even on the darkest winter day.

A closer look onto my table shows a pile of fabrics for an upcoming project, a couple tools and needles for my machine, a big pincushion, a bag full of bobbins, pins, several tape measures and a mug that holds all of my cutting and marking tools. In the background you can see my fabric basket that I received in a swap, which holds paper-piecing patterns for future projects and my freezer paper.

Up on the cupboard are several KRUS boxes from IKEA, each of these boxes has 2 dividers on the inside and they hold 1,8 L in volume. They're perfect for sorting thread, buttons, ribbons and anything else sewing related and small I have. In front of that is the little Lego sewing machine and girl that I built with my brother.

In another corner in my room I have a small space for all my craft books, patterns and a few quilting tools.

And then of course you want to know how I stash my fabrics. The 4 big boxes on the left have wheels and hold everything that is not designer fabrics, but normal cotton, home decor etc. I have those sorted by colour. Whites and creams, everything from yellow to pink, then blues and greens, and the last one holds browns, greys and blacks. The two boxes on the right are SAMLA boxes from IKEA. I love how they're all seethrough, but unfortunately the smaller SAMLA boxes do not have any wheels and they're a bit difficult to move around. The bottom one holds all my scraps, each colour sorted into individual plastic bags inside the box, as well as left over scraps of batting and fleece. The top box holds my low volume fabric and everything of designer fabrics that I own. Not much yet for some standards, I know, but we're working on it ;)
On top is my sewing basket and my unfinished projects. 

And then last but not least I have this huge digital print of a stack of buttons up on my wall. I got this last year to give my room a bit more of a crafty feel. 

Now you know where I sew! :)

Please make sure to check out all the other craft spaces that my fellow sewists linked up on Ellison Lane! There are some really amazing craft rooms shown.

Have a great week everyone!
xx Lia


  1. Nice work space! I wish I was as organised.... my sewing space is a small table where I also use the computer. When I need to sew, I stash the computer and cut fabric on the floor :p

  2. I cleaned up before taking pictures, but I like all my things to be organised, the thread and buttons by colour etc. Oh but cutting fabric on the floor? Jesus, your poor knees and back! Also I couldn't do this here, with my dog walking all over the place and her hairs would stick everywhere lol!

  3. Julia, Your work space is so neat and tidy,Thank you for inviting us into your home.

  4. You are so organized and the room is very neat and tidy. I don't imagine it stays that way when you start working but it tidies up very nicely! I like all the KRUS boxes with your Lego sewing machine in front! All in all it looks like a very nice place to spend an afternoon sewing and creating!

  5. I love your space: it's really nicely organized and picked up. But the Lego sewing machine is just darling!

  6. I love seeing other's working space. It's fun to get ideas and create wish lists. Love your fabric stash!


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