Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Stash

This is my first ever Sunday Stash post, and I'm linking it up with Finding Fith.

I gathered quite some fabric this week, you could actually say that I went overboard a bit, I really, REALLY need to cut back on buying fabric! Lol!

First, I placed another order with Tactile Fabrics, which has become my new favourite shop to order. Jennifer is so nice and postage is a lot cheaper than anywhere else, because she can tell you exactly how much you can buy for what rate. International starts as cheap as $11.50 for up to 2 yards. I ordered 6 yards this time for $18.50 postage and it was here in 8 days, which is a new record!

She's got so many that I like, so I got a little something of everything, some Daisy Janie, Andover, Robert Kaufmann, Michael Miller...and more, also some more aqua to please my new obsession for this colour.

And then from Fabricworm I also got the following. Had to have some of the Newspaper Print from Windham's Collage collection by Such Designs, and the Makower Wash Day Fabric is just too adorable to pass on!

And you can also see the cute tape measure ribbon and flower buttons that I got from Litte Red Cottage. 6 yards of twill ribbon for only $4.50. Super deal for me and I love them, so had to get them, plus I can probably use the yellow ribbon for my next project, which I should really start working on as it's for a swap and the deadline for shipping creeps closer.

Hoping to give you an update with pictures soon :)

Until then, have a lovely Sunday!
xx Lia


  1. Yay, you and the blue tones have finally found each other! ;-) They're my favourite of the new ones, next to the newspaper print. Can't wait to see what magic you'll work with all these!

  2. So much goodness! I love the house and the cool blues.

  3. Love the houses! Oh, and the aqua fish. . .hmmm, aqua.

  4. Lovely additions to your stash and 8 days is a great record.

  5. Loving the aqua bundle. It's perfect. Und fabric hoarding eindämmen? Ja klar, gib Bescheid, wenn du ein Heilmittel gefunden hast. ;)

  6. So lovely that you linked up. Welcome along. That fish print caught my eye too. Isn t that funny?

  7. Lovely fabrics! I keep telling myself I won't buy any more fabric and to celebrate I go buy more fabric! Sigh! At least it doesn't go bad!

  8. HA HA! Aqua is my all time favorite!!!!
    Maybe now is equal with mint.
    Love ribbons. ;)

  9. Oh my gosh, I'm in love with the fabric in the last picture ! TOO cute !!!


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