Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tote Bags - and another Swap announcement!

One of my friends asked me to make her another bag, preferably black with pink and with a zipper on top. She basically just asked for a plain tote with added zipper, but there was a pattern by Martina of Stash Mania that I really wanted to try out and when I showed her the pictures of the bag, my friend said she liked it and I should go ahead. Plus, I had the best fabric for lining on hand. Here's what I made for my friend.

Due to the pictures being taken outside, the black fabric actually looks a lot lighter and blue'ish, but it's jet black with bright pink accents and my friend received it already. She says she loves it. 

The bag is really easy to sew and I liked the shape a lot, so I promptly made another for Karen in Canada, who had won a free tote bag in my Swap Giveaway. She likes nature themes and natural colours. The fabric I used on the outside of her bag is actually one I bought to use as lining for a bag for myself, but so far didn't get around to making it. And it's too beautiful to be hiding as lining fabric anyway ;)

I also used variegated thread to give the stitching a little more pop. 
The colours of the thread went well with the ones in the fabric.

The goodies Karen received from me :)

There's yet another bag in the works, but a different pattern and shape and I'm currently waiting for the fabric spiralling it's way over here from the USA. Might be another while.

Now in the title of this post I mentioned a swap announcement. I'll be hosting the second round of my Tote Bag Swap starting on Monday, the 19th of August. If you're interested to sign up for it, make sure you check back here on Monday for more details, or keep an eye on my Flickr group, where the link for the sign-up form will be posted on Monday.

Enjoy your sewing time everyone and see you soon!
xx Lia


  1. Beautiful totes!! I especially like the black with the pink accents and the lining is so cute! Nice work!!

  2. Very cute totes...I really like the pink and black......

  3. The bag you made for me is absolutely beautiful! My Mom thought it was professionally made - that's how nice it is!

    The last swap was so much fun and I will be signing up for the next one for sure! I've now got a beautiful bag from my swap partner and the one Lia made for me as my prize! I'm a lucky girl!

    Thanks Lia for organizing such a fun event!


  4. The black and pink bag is mine, and I love it. I use it daily. :)


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