Monday, September 23, 2013

A finished Super Tote...

After showing off the first parts of the bag that I'm making for my partner in the Secret Tote Bag Swap, I'm now here to show you all the finished bag.



I picked the Super Tote by Noodlehead as I like the shape and all the pockets it has, but upon sewing it, i changed a few things around. For example, adding front pockets to both sides, not just one. This means my bag now has 2 big outside pockets that are fully lined and can be shut with big snap buttons rather than magnetic clasps. I felt that this makes the bag actually be more sturdy as it doesn't involve cutting through any layers to fasten the snap like you would with a magnetic one, plus these are bigger.

I used fleece as batting, which makes the bag soft and not too sturdy, but nicely padded and with a good weight. I also used the fleece as batting for the shoulder straps.

For the inside pockets, I didn't use one layer of fabric, but actually lined them as well to make them more sturdy. That added a bit of difficulty with the elastic band that the pattern asked for, but personally the inside pockets are always the ones getting holes first in my bags, because usually the fabrics are way too thin.

I also added another pocket with zipper, matching the lining fabric of that to the fabric of the recessed zipper part of the bag.

This really is the most time consuming bag that I've ever do ne, not just the piecing of the feathers, but the whole cutting parts, ironing on stabilizer (always hate that part) and sewing it all together, plus the light grey fabric I picked wasn't the best choice as it's got a small percentage of lycra which meant there was some stretching here and there where it shouldn't have been. Especially when sewing together the lining. 

But overall I'm very pleased with the outcome and hope my partner will love it as much as I do, because I really want to keep it right now ;) 
And the fact that my partner is a rather quiet one on Flickr isn't making this process any easier lol!

Next I'm going to add a few little extras. I already have something planned as accessories to go with the bag and matching its theme. Just waiting for a few things to arrive first and then I'll get it ready to go in the post.

Have you ever made a Noodlehead Super Tote? If yes, what were you experiences in terms on time management? Did you find it any easy and fast project and is it just me slacking, or do you feel like me, that it took pretty long? I would love your opinions!

Until then, have a good week!
xx Lia


  1. Woe what a stunnung bag! Your partner is very lucky.

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  3. Beautiful colors and the pieced feathers are just plain awesome. I like the idea of using fleece in the handle and I have yet to make a recessed zipper on a bag but love the way it looks. Wonderful job!

  4. Looks great. I really like the quilting on it. Well done.

  5. Beautiful bag and great changes to the pattern. I avoided magnetic clasps for the same reason as you but I recently discovered ones you can sew on which are great

  6. I see you're raising the bar ;) gorgeous bag Lia - I especially love the feathers!

  7. I am so jealous! Your partner is very lucky to be getting such a beautiful, well made bag. You've really outdone yourself with this one. And I love the feathers. You are an absolute inspiration. I sure hope there'll be another tote bag swap!

  8. This is a totally awesome tote bag! Stunning... and so much to it! Thanks for the tip about using super sized snap buttons! I must look out for some of those, as I'm not too keen on using magnetic clasps (I'm always nervous that they will eventually cause a tear in the fabric with use). Your partner is going to be blown away! Brilliant job x

  9. Beautiful Super Tote!! I made one for my partner as well and because it was my second time using the pattern it went MUCH quicker. I think half my time was spent cutting out the pattern pieces the first time. I like that you lined the inside pockets. Beautiful job!

  10. I wish I'd read your post before starting my Super Tote! It wasn't particularly difficult but I hated the stiffness due to all of the interfacing! I, too, added an inside zip and I changed the inside pockets to flat divided ones. I omitted the outer snap altogether since I felt that the area to place it was already too thick (I lined my outer pocket). Next time I'll do things differently, but I'm thinking of making your feathers for myself!


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