Monday, September 16, 2013

Bags, bags and even more bags...

For the past ten days I've been sewing nothing but bags... and that's a good thing, because I only worked 2 out of those days and the rest was pretty much spent sewing non-stop and resulted in a bunch of colourful bags and a bit of aching here and there. ;)

But now I've come back to show them off. First are 3 bags that I made for my number one customer in Finland. I think she must have around ten bags, pouches and clutches in various shapes, colours and styles from me by now. 

clutch bag with butterfly fabric

and magnetic clasp

The butterfly fabric is one that she absolutely loves and already has another bag with, where I used this fabric as lining. She requested this type of clutch (her third of this style) with this fabric and a neutral coloured lining.

Next up is a box pouch. I already made one for her of this type with charms of the Noteworthy collection. She uses it for her crochet needles and asked if I could make it any longer so that she's got room for her knitting needles as well. So I did just that, using a charm pack of Stephanie Ryan's collection Spring House, that I received in a swap.

box pouch in pink and aqua

with matching pink lining

The great thing is, that often she let's me experiment a bit, especially this time as she expressed a liking into a picture of a cushion that I showed her, that was made using the Quilt As You Go (QAYG) technique. Which meant that I could finally try this technique myself.
I didn't realise how time consuming QAYG would be even on a small project like this, until I was sat for hours putting strip after strip of fabric onto my batting. But I like the end result and was already asked if I could make some cushions like this for her as well at some point. 

small pouch, using QAYG 

big polka dots on the lining, matching the shade of pink used on the outside

After those were done and shipped off to Finland, I started working on my current project for the Secret Tote Bag Swap
In this round we're making bags following a nature theme and my partner had a really clear imagination of the colours and styles she likes, so I'm hoping that this will be right up her alley. Plus, I totally adore all these colours myself, so the more I'm working on it, the more I'm starting to love it and want to keep it for myself.

colour choices and tons of scraps

the first 4 of 6 feathers.

These feathers are actually adapted from a pattern that is originally by Anna Maria Horner. I turned the pattern into a paper-pieced version though, as I liked the idea of them being different in colours but all the same in their actual style. These were also something that I've been wanting to try, and I'm glad that my partner likes this style, too.

After auditioning fabrics and making all the 6 feathers that I wanted for my tote, I started to quilt the panels and cut everything out. The bag pattern is Noodlehead's Super Tote by the way. Just love this bag and I am hoping really, really badly that I will get one from my secret partner as well, because I've been throwing hints left, right and centre. ;)

 here are the side panels and the gusset

one (almost) complete pocket panel

and here's a sneak peek of a few parts together

I don't want to show all my parts just yet, as I'm planning on keeping the bag simple, but having a bit of a colour pop in there somewhere. You'll see when it's actually finished. I'm bad at keeping secrets anyway! ;)

So that's it from me for now. I need to rest my bones and my butt needs repadding from sitting on it for too long! Linking this up with Kristy's Paper Piecing Party as well. Running late for that so better hurry!

Until next time, folks!
xx Lia


  1. All of the bags are beautiful. I love the bag for the knitting. Your secret tote partner is so lucky to have you. Your work is absolutely amazing! The feathers are beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous bags!! Love the plan for the feather tote!

  3. The clutch is gorgeous! Love that fabric!

  4. all 3 of these bags are amazing - and a lot of work :-)

  5. Love it all! I agree- QAYG is incedibly time-consuming, but worth it! I can't wait to see the finished super-tote!

  6. great projects! I like every single one.

  7. Beautiful bags Lia! I just LOVE the feathers on your secret tote - they totally rock! Fantastic job! xx

  8. Absolutely love your butterfly clutch and now I want to make myself a box tote for my knitting needles. Gorgeous bags!


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