Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to my newest Sponsor!

I'm happy to announce that Jennifer Young and her independent quilt shop 'Tactile Fabrics' is my newest sponsor. Jennifer specializes in modern 100% organic and premium traditional cotton fabrics and says that she named her shop because she's always had a strong tactile memory. 

If you're one of my followers you will have noticed that I mentioned Jennifer's shop a few times in past posts, but that is because she has gorgeous fabrics listed in her shop and has an outstanding service. If you have any questions about the fabrics listed in her Etsy shop, want different quantities, cuts or your own bundle, all you need to do is request a custom order and tell her what you would like and she will create that order for you in a heartbeat.

What's especially appealing - at least to me since I'm an international customer - is the way she handles her shipping costs. As international buyer I'm often used to get $24 and up for postage slapped on every order when buying fabric elsewhere, no matter how small the order, but this is not the case when ordering with Tactile fabrics.

Jennifer can give you an accurate list of how many yards she can fit into what rate, starting as cheap as $8.50. As a small example, she could fit 4 yards in for $15.50 and working up to $20.95 for up to 9 yards, all for international shipping of course. And last but not least her orders always arrive in a zoom of time. Last time I ordered, my fabrics only needed 8 days to arrive (with a weekend inbetween) and that's a new record for mail to make its way from the USA to here in Germany :)

So if you want beautiful, organic or modern fabrics, great service and fast shipping times, Tactile is your place to buy! And while I'm very happy to have Jennifer on board as sponsor, I will leave you with a last look into her studio, where she gets all her orders ready to be shipped. The bolts on those shelves look yummy, don't they? ;)

Photo courtesy of Tactile Fabrics

Happy sewing and fabric buying!
xx Lia


  1. She has some great little bundles, too :)

  2. thanks for the recommendation - I didn't realise she did such great deals on International Postage :-)

  3. Tactile is a favorite of mine, too


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