Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm having a major fangirl moment here right now!

Yes, and it's all because the amazing Teresa VanHatten-Granath aka the mastermind behind Green Bag Lady is now an official follower of my blog!

But, as if that's not enough already, Green Bag Lady is now also my newest sponsor!

*insert high-pitched shriek here*

Ok, settling down a bit...for everyone here not knowing who Teresa or Green Bag Lady is, I dare you to check out the following video.

Green Bag Lady is an eco-friendly project that was started in 2008. Teresa and her volunteer "Bagettes" make fabric shopping bags out of fabrics and materials that are donated to them and give them away for free, in exchange for the promise to use the fabric bags instead of paper or plastic bags.

There are currently 2 chapters of Green Bag Lady. One in Nashville, Tennessee and more recently also in the Denver Area of Colorado. There are frequent giveaways held on the Green Bag Lady Blog and bags are also given away at local schools, markets and fairs.

The Green Bag Lady team ships their bags worldwide and receives the help of Teresa's father David VanHatten aka Bagette Dad, who is doing the email correspondence with the winners and organizes the shipping.

To this day more than 25,000 bags have been given away, they are used in 2977 cities in every U.S. state, plus another 1090 cities in 459 territories/provinces/countries around the world. And those are only the dates on their website from September this year.

In fact, I won another bag in a giveaway just last week, the 5th bag in this family, and it's been numbered 25805 according to the email Bagette Dad sent me.

Just let those numbers sink in for a while and then tell me that isn't amazing and just outstanding!

So yes, I feel extremely proud and honoured to not only have Teresa as a follower, but also as a sponsor to my blog and you're all in for a special event coming to this space at the end of next month, which will mark my one year blog anniversary.

I hope you will all come around, we all need more fabric in this world and less paper and plastic or as the Green Bag Lady motto puts it so nicely..."join us, let's change the bag at a time"!

xx Lia

P.S. It goes without saying that this was a really fab birthday present! ;)


  1. Awww, Lia, you are FAR too kind! Keep up your awesomeness!

  2. That is WAY COOL! I got one of her bags and still need to send in a picture, I use it very frequently.

  3. I use one of her bags too - still need to get a picture, but I love it!

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!! And congratulatios for your new sponsor. ;)

  5. I'll be waiting to see the picture you send in to Teresa when you are using your bag! Happy Birthday to you! My birthday was this week as well. It great that you are sharing the word about the Green Bag Lady project. You see, I am Bagette Tami an volunteer with the Colorado chapter!


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