Friday, November 1, 2013

Handmade Autumn Swap - Received!

Today was one of those rainy and stormy and super dark days where you literally need some picking up. You know, those days where you wanna stay curled up in bed all day. But then the mail arrived and look at what I received this time, my Handmade Autumn Swap items, made by my partner Rita from Kentucky!

Rita wrapped everything up nicely and added a beautiful card, which made the whole experience even more exciting. If I tell you now that I don't like Christmas, you probably won't believe me, because I surely felt like a kid on Christmas day unwrapping all these gifts ;)

I should mention that this was the first time I was in a swap where you had to communicate with your partner, instead of being a secret partner for someone. I was a bit nervous about that at the beginning, but it turns out it felt so much easier actually. Because you can message back and forth about what you would like to have and communicate. It really helps.

So since this swap was an Autumn themed one, the colours were perfect for something for my (sewing) room as I have lots of browns and natural colours in here. We decided to make each other wall-hangings and Rita has really outdone herself with everything she sent, so here are pictures of everything. I hope you will enjoy them with me :)

The whole package!

The main item of course is the wall-hanging.

These pictures don't really do it justice, the tree is beautiful and has a ton of details!

The back needed to be shown, the fabric Rita used is so cute!

And I especially love the label she made. I've seen this before and think it's just a really neat idea!

Up next is a beautifu thread catcher. I've been wanting one for ages!

The colours go from yellow over red to orange, then green.

Beautiful stippling at the bottom and so small, too!

Then she also made this fabulous needlebook / organizer. 
I love the swirly quilting!

The inside was filled with goodies, including these 4 docks of thread shown as well as the pliers and paper-piecing hexagon templates that are shown in the next.
Don't you just love when you open pockets and you find even more things? ;)

Then Rita added half a yard of beautiful low volume fabric with a mushroom print from Timeless Treasures, as well as 5 fat eights of fabric of which she already used some in her projects. The red and yellow ones are my favourites from these! And then there's the previously mentioned pliers and the Hexagon templates.

I've never done English Paper-Piecing before, but have been wanting to for a while, especially since I have a quilting friend called Karen who blogs over at Faeries & Fibres and makes amazing quilts with EPP. I confess that I probably would've never bought any templates myself, so the ones Rita sent will definitely come in handy now, because now I've run out of excuses not to try EPP! ;)

I really, really adore all these wonderful items that Rita sent me, it's always such a delight when my swap packages arrive in the mail and it just makes me more addicted to new swaps. Like I said, it's like being a kid at Christmas when opening Happy Mail and all the gifts that get included and it's extra special when you've had a partner so talented. And I admit, I always check out how my partner made their items, how do the corners look, how the seams? It's always really interesting to see how someone else works and knowing how much time they have invested in a piece.

I've already hung my new wall-hanging up onto my wall where I will be admiring it daily now and where it will inspire me while sewing. It has gorgeous company as well, because it hangs next to the mug rug/mini quilt I received from Tracy aka torekimi in round 2 of the Mug Rug Revival.

Rita has received my package a couple days ago by the way. Unfortunately I didn't photograph the whole package before sending it off, but I do have a picture of the wall-hanging that I made for her and am certain that Rita will post some more pictures on Flickr soon. EDIT: Rita now has posted a picture on Flickr as well, so go check it out by clicking HERE!

This swap was really fun and I'm already looking forward to the next swaps, although I should take a little break over the holiday season to finish the projects I need for Christmas and a few birthdays beforehand.

So tell me, are you still busy swapping? And what holiday sewing projects do you have? I would love to know :)

xx Lia


  1. OMGoodness, gorgeous - both sent and received, nicely done!

  2. Yes, I agree both sent and received were beautifully done! I am currently participating in a charm swap and the Quilting Galleries mug rug swap. Sent and waiting for squishy mail :) Can't wait!!!

  3. Both of these are beautiful. Well done.
    What a lovely swap, can you share how you found out about it? I'd love to take part next time

  4. You lucky person! The goodies are beautiful and the wall-hanging is really nice. The two quilts look great on your sewing room wall and they add a nice touch of autumn colour on a dreary day!

    I'm just waiting for the next secret tote bag swap in the Spring. Like you I've got projects to finish and gifts to make!

  5. Neat. I like the color combo used.


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