Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just a quick note!

I know everyone's busy entering giveaways for the Blog Hop Party hosted by the Quilting Gallery right now and thank you a lot for commenting in such big numbers on my own giveaway...

BUT! I realised there are a lot more no-reply bloggers out there than usual, and many of you, who are followers of my blog, commented on the giveaway and unfortunately are no-reply bloggers.

So please, check over your comment if you joined the giveaway and simply hit the reply button to comment and add your email address.

Don't know how to do that? See this image for help.

Just click reply on YOUR OWN comment and add your email address in a format like this name(at)emailhost(dot)com.

If you have problems with the no-reply blogger status, check out this helpful post that Adrianne from On The Windy Side put together on how to stop being a no-reply blogger. A lot of times this has to do with Google+ settings. if that is the case with you, then here's another way to solve the problem, posted by Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars

After all I really want to give you a chance to win, especially my followers of course, but I can't do that when you are not complying to the giveaway terms and I have no way of contacting you :(

Thanks everyone!
xx Lia


  1. Oh this topic! It is so frustrating. The problem isnt google+ exactly. The problem is that google decides you are a spammer and TURNS OFF your email. I suspect with all the give-a-way entering it is happening bunches. They usually get me every few weeks or so. Yes, the way to fix it for google+ users is to switch to blogger and turn it back on, but you don't have to stay blogger. If they so deem you are "over commenting" they will turn you regardless of if you are using google+ or blogger.

  2. This is defintiely a very annoying issues and one that I think many people are actually unaware of.

    Firstly I have to thank you Lia for pointing out to me that I was a no-reply blogger. It was not an issue I had in the past but something clearly changed for me over the past week (and most defintiely before the blog hop and it was not due to over commenting). I did notice I was getting less replies to the comments I had left than normal but hadn't given it too much though as I reply in a variety of ways depending on the set up of the individual blogs so I initially thought that my problem was just that some of the blogs I had commented on of late were those that generally don't reply to comments.

    Now of course I know better. It is all due to Google+ and the problems associated with using it. I had to switch from using my Google+ proile back to using my limited blogger profile as indicated in the second link you gave. To behonest I would advise that anyone using their Google+ profile to comment desists from doing so and makes sure that they are set up with a blogger profile, which seems to be a lot more reliable.

    The other option, and the one I have chosen to do, is for bloggers to set up their comments such that everyone commenting must enter their details, including email, in order to be able to comment. It is a little more work for the commenter but in the long run avoids all of these issues comepletely.

    (Sorry for the long reply)

  3. Thanks for the tips. I'd somehow been switched to a no reply blogger again and didn't even realise! Normal service is now resumed.


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