Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Liebster Award

I just received a message from Ange at Heart of Charnwood that she nominated me for the Liebster Award.

The Liebster Award is a fun opportunity to promote small blogs as well as revealing a bit more about yourself to your readers. To qualify for the Liebster Award your blog needs to be less than 6 months old (date of the first blog) OR have less than 200 followers. And you also have to do the following:

1. List 11 random things about yourself
2. Answer 11 random questions from the person that nominated you
3. Choose 11 blogs to pass the Liebster Award on to and notify them
4. Create 11 questions that your nominees have to answer

And here are my 11 random facts:

1. I'm allergic to nuts and about 20 other things in foods alone...
2. I'm far too honest for my own good, which has brought on a few troubles in life, although most of my friends treasure me because of it.
3. I'm a pessimist, can't change anything about that, the glass is always half empty.
4. I'm extremely cautious with people. I usually know right away if I like or don't like someone and I usually can trust my gut feeling quite well, just have to learn to listen to it more, but I'm known for my predictions usually coming through, which is often quite scary.
5. My bestestestest friend in the world is from Devon, UK and the reason my English is what it is today. In the 8 years that I know and love her she's taught me a whole lot more than my English teacher did in 6 years of middle school.
6. I learned sewing in middle school starting at the age of 12, which was 20 years ago, but haven't started it up again until 2 and a half years ago.
7. If I could I would finance my life with the selling of my sewn crafts, that's a big dream of mine.
8. As a teenager I tried pretty much every crafty hobby there was, all but one: sewing.
9. Another hobby of mine is making soap, cold process soap.
10. I couldn't imagine my life without the internet. I think I'm actually addicted. I have met my best friends through it and a lot of amazing people I would've otherwise never known. Also you can find just anything there these days and I do a lot of research online.
11. Oh and the most important thing I almost forgot: I have a small obsession with sheep. When I say small I mean that I have over 100 of them in different sizes of figures, plush toys, candles, bags, plant sticks, key chains, the likes. Friends have sent them over the years and I keep telling them to stop, but I still love sheep. ;)

Now onto Ange's questions:

1. What was the nicest dream you've ever had?
- If I told you that I would have to mark this block 18+... (See? Way too honest again)
2. Where is your favourite place in the world?
- Home
3. What is your favourite name?
- Rea Garvey, because this is my chance to plug my favourite singer a little ;)
4. Red or white wine?
- Neither, don't drink any alcohol and wine is made out of grapes and therefore included in the list of foods I'm allergic to...meh...
5. Favourite gadget (not sewing related)
- Can I name several? Laptop, Mobile, Ipod and my Singer (erm, yes I knowwww, NOT sewing related *huffs*)
6. Favourite quilter/blogger
- My favourite quilter and blogger in one is Laurraine from Patchwork Pottery, hands down. It's not only the first quilting blog that I ever followed, her work is also amazing and right up my alley. If you don't know her, her Flickr Album is linked to her blog, do go and check out her work.
7. Which fruit or vegetable best describes you?
- Probably a lychee? Hard and prickly from the outside and soft and sweet on the inside, because I know that some people mistake my earnestness as arrogance, but people who really know me, do know that I'm the opposite. I may not smile much in public, but I can be a complete crazy goofball with dirty jokes among friends and family.
8. Most exciting thing you've ever done?
- Having my best friend fly over from England to come see a P!nk concert with me here in Germany. Best concert experience ever, we had a blast!
9. Most hated word?
- Euro Rescue Fund. I know that's not one word, but it's a big deal in my country and a majorly annoying one too.
10. How did you choose your blog name?
- It's the name I printed on my labels way before I even had a blog. Lia is my nickname, coming from Julia, and Handmades is pretty self-explanatory.
11. What is your worst habit?
- I'm extremely impatient. It got better as I got older, but I am seriously impatient when I'm supposed to teach people something and they just won't get it, even when you've explained and showed them for the 10th time. I know it's bad, but it's really a pet peeve...

Here are my nominees for the Liebster Award (in alphabetical order):

And my questions to these 11 bloggers are:

1. What is your favourite colour and why?
2. The weirdest food you've ever eaten?
3. Most desired holiday destination?
4. Your biggest wish for the future?
5. What is the colour of your car?
6. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
7. How many sewing machines do you own?
8. What is the first item you ever made (sewn) and do you still have it?
9. Where in your home do you sew, do you have your own craft room?
10. Do you have a  favourite quilt fabric designer? And if so, who?
11. What would you rather receive for your birthday, a nice meal at a restaurant, or an afternoon shopping at a fabric store?

Now have fun and pass the Award along bloggers!

Until next time
xx Lia

Monday, January 28, 2013

I love mail!

In the past few days I have received lots of lovely things in the mail. First I received the Quilt Album software that I won in the Quilter's Blog Hop Giveaway at Jenniffier's Sometimes Creative Life

Then today I received the bags that I won in a Giveaway over at the Green Bag Lady. The funny thing is that from all the prizes that were up for grabs I actually won the one that I wanted the most, the Aunt Frances Original Shopping Bag.
And I love it, it's even prettier in real life than a picture can do it justice! Also included in the package was a magnetic notepad and a smaller bag that both went with the Aunt Frances bag and also another black shopping bag, which is actually bag number 20,127 that was ever created by the Green Bag Lady


If you haven't heard of the Green Bag Lady yet, then make sure to check out the video below and her website. It's an amazing project to help make this world a greener place and I'm proud to be a part of this now with the bags that I won and that I will gladly use for my shopping.

Other stuff in the mail included new fabric, lovely and big wooden buttons that I purchased from Hongkong via Ebay and new rotary cutter blades. Now all I'm still waiting for are 50 spools for my sewing machine, cuz I'm running out of them quickly. They also have a long way from Hongkong, you gotta love Ebay ;)

I hope you also received lots of goodies, what are you looking forward to most? Let me know.

Until then have a nice week,
xx Lia

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Block of the Month...

After my fabrics got stuck in customs and have now thankfully arrived, I could finally start on the Block of the Month Challenge that Kristy at Quiet Play is running at the moment. Although the only fabric that I used from that bundle so far, is the little measure tape, everything else was already in my stash. 

So here it is, my Block of the Month for January for the 'And Sew On...' BOM.

It's paper-pieced again. This means this was the 2nd paper-pieced pattern that I worked with and I am still struggling a bit with the whole placement of the fabrics to actually end up with enough covering up the piece you need to be covered when done, but I'm getting there. With a bit of patience and more practice ;)

Until next time
xx Lia

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A new Project Quilting Challenge...

and I am participating this time again as well.

This weeks challenge at Project Quilting is called "My favourite colour" which had me thinking for a while, cuz in terms of quilting I have several. In the end I picked brown. You're only allowed to use one colour but shades of it, so I dug out one of my favourite batik fabrics and a brown Windham fabric and then thought this could be the perfect way to try out a few things that I've not done before.

I had recently purchased the "Quick Strip Paper Piecing" Craftsy online course by Peggy Martin to learn paper piecing and really liked the Dreamweaver stars, so decided to make a pillow case and use one of the stars. I was surprised at how quick and easy it turned out to be to make one of these stars, all the while checking back on my laptop with the course to make sure I did it all right.

I admit, my star points could probably look sharper and the middle got slightly wonky, but I love this star and the colours. I think it looks awesome this way. 
Since there was a lot of white now though I decided to machine stitch the outlines of the star across the extended block. Then I created piping from the batik fabric, which was also a first, as well as the whole sewing it on part. Struggling with that a bit, but I think it turned out okay in the end. I left the back of this pillow case plain white with a hotel closure by the way.

And here it is...


Other news of this week are me having custom problems with an order from the Fat Quarter Shop. I have ordered from them before and I know for sure that there are always accurate custom forms on the parcels. So excuse me while I don't believe the customs office over here that that wasn't the case. They seem to have it out for shipments coming from the US at the moment, because the same happened wth a parcel from a friend just 3 weeks ago and it's starting to go on my nerves, because said parcel back then was a Christmas gift and also marked as a gift and customs demanded a bill for the contents...erm, right. Of course you have a bill for the contents when it's not even a commercial shipment...please excuse me while I laugh. On top of that the guys there are always so rude. When I called this time they told me 'it wasn't protocol' to tell me who sent something to me that was now stuck there, because all I got was a letter stating there was a shipment at the customs office for me, not from where or who. So I askes the guy if he wanted me to guess now. I'm sorry, but stuff like that really makes me lose my temper.

In the end I had to pay taxes, even though all other parcels from FQS always got here customs free, even when I ordered for a higher amount than I did this time. And I can now wait up to another 3 weeks (!!!) for it to be sent to me. Mind you, 3 weeks is the normal time from the US to here in Germany, the quickest I ever had was 10 days, but that the customs here IN Germany needs 2 to 3 weeks to send it when the normal DHL delivery time is 2 days, is just outrageous. 

Needless to say the order contains fabrics that I wanted to use for the Block of the Month challenge at Quiet Play. Guess I will start following in February then. :(

Until next time
xx Lia

Friday, January 18, 2013

Voting is now live...

Yesterday I posted that I submitted one of my projects into the Quilting Gallery "Show & Tell" Contest.
The voting is now open, so if you want to help me receive a few votes, please click on the above picture/link and vote for my quilt 'Happy Times' which can be seen in my previous blog posts. Thanks lots everyone!

Until next time,

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another new experience...

I had the awesome (or actually really not) idea, to enter the wall hanging that I made last year during a Project Quilting Challenge, into a quilt contest. And as soon as I had hit the enter button I started to feel a little sick.

The Quilting Gallery has weekly themed contests and this week it's Challenge Quilts. So since this wall hanging was created for a challenge I thought I could give it a try.

All entries will be displayed on the website at the Quilting Gallery on Friday, that's tomorrow, and will be put up for voting, so the site visitors can pick their favourites.

Seeing how many amazing quilting artists are out there, I doubt that I really would stand a chance, but it probably will be fun to see how many votes I can get.

Here now a few more pictures of said wall hanging to show it off.

Wish me luck everyone, I'll post the link for voting up tomorrow after work! :)

Until next time,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A new year, new luck...

that's what they say and that's also the reason why I decided to join "Project Quilting" again this year. My friends may remember that I already did it last year, with a - back then - for me huge project, a wall hanging.

Unfortunately it didn't win anything, but it was a great way to show my skills and learn some more in the process of creating this wall hanging. So, this year it's the 4th season of Project Quilting and I'm gonna try and stick with it to the end this time. Already curious of what it's going to have in store.

So far it's fun. The first challenge is called "A square in a square...in a square..." which initially made me laugh and literally screamed POTHOLDERS at me. Yeah, I have a thing for those just as I have for buttons and sheep...the ones here knowing me personally will know what that means ;) 
BUT, I have never created square ones...so an idea was born already.

Now the challenge matra is to "think outside the square", well uhm, I so didn't do that here, so apologies ahead, but here's what I came up with. Small, simple, red and white and some gingham fabrics mixed in between...

That's squares gallore and my mum loves them, so it was well worth it already. And maybe my time frame will allow for a bit bigger projects with the next challenges, we'll see... now wish me luck and maybe I will win something this year...

Until next time,

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The bag I wanted to murder...

....being totally serious here.

This bag was another order I made, to go along with the little one from yesterday's post and it was also the first time that I worked with denim in over 15 years. Denim is so not my cup of tea, granted it works well under the iron, but I don't think I'm gonna make another denim bag and if I do then definitely not this pattern.

Attaching the zipper parts that are lowered into the bag was a real struggle, what am I saying, most of it was lol! But I managed and I think it looks good, so I hope the customer will be pleased too :)

Here are a few more pictures.

What has everyone else been up to in the new year so far? I'm definitely gonna tackle that quilt next. :)

Until next time,

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year and what's new?

The new year is already 5 days old again, but I can say that I have already been busy following my main resolution, which is trying to sew more.

I have several orders that I am working on at the moment, which is great, hopefully the year ahead will stay busy in terms of that, but I also became part of a few challenges, the first one being the 'Monthly Book Challenge' by Ange from Heart of Charnwood.

I picked one of the many books for making bags that I have and since I got an order for one to make from one of those books, I thought it would be perfect to be entered into the challenge.


It's only a small little bag to be used for make-up and toiletries for example, but I used my currently favourite fabric line on it, Noteworthy by Sweetwater for Moda. I love this line, it's so cute!

Also I was asked to do something in lime green, granted it's not all over lime green, but I hope this will please the buyer. Oh and I used some fabric for the lining that I just received from a friend in the USA, she sent me about 25 yards of low volume fabric, white on white and white on neutrals, which are so hard to come by over here. I had to use one for the inside of this little bag.

More projects that I am currently working on are a quilt for myself (that I actually started over 2 years ago and am now close to finishing), another bag and then I really need to stock up my Dawanda shop.

So expect more posts soon!

Until next time,

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