Sunday, August 25, 2013

New fabrics and another Tote

Let's start this post with a bit of eye candy. New fabric that is. 
This week I received the August bundle of the Color Me happy Fatquarter Club from Sew Lux Fabric. Lots of beautiful yellows in some really nice prints.
I left a few months out after my last bundle of grey fabrics in April, since I'm not such a big fan of purple (June) and blue (July), but with my current love for aqua am biting myself a bit that I skipped on May as well. 
Hmm. Oh well, there's always next year, I guess ;)

Then another new addition this week are some fabrics from Timeless Treasures, that I bought especially for tote, which is a custom order for someone in the UK. She picked these fabrics, because she likes chickens.

So I sat down yesterday to create her bag. It's kind of funny, because this is the third time that I'm making this specific style of bag, the original pattern has no zipper or magnetic clasps or anything, but even the very first time I already added a zipper pocket to the lining of this bag and I'll be damned, but every time I resew this, I can't for the life of me remember how I included the pocket, lol! 

She's not seen the finished product yet as I always like to keep a little suspense and just surprise my customer when it arrives with them, so I hope she's gonna like it.

That's it from me for now and remember, if you want to sign up for my Secret Tote Bag Swap, you have until the 29th of August to do so. All you need to do is hop over to the Flickr group, where you'll find the sign-up form and the rules to the swap.

I'm also linking this post up to Finding Fifth's Sunday Stash which is being hosted by Heidi at Fabric Mutt this week! 

See you soon!
xx Lia

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Sewing Space

Everyone's been showing their craft spaces and sewing studios during this weeks Studio Spotlight hosted by The Sewing Loft and Ellison Lane

There was an incredible amount of inspiring studios shown and I envy everyone who has a room solely for their sewing equipment and fabrics. Unfortunately I'm not that lucky, but my bedroom is fairly big as it used to be our living room and I moved upstairs a couple years ago with my mother turning my old bedroom into the new living room. So now I actually have my crafty corner here in my room.

This is my main sewing space, I am actually using a big foldable camping table, that I can remove if I need more floor space. On top of the table is my cutting mat, my machine, as well as a big lamp with a daylight bulb that lightens up my work space perfectly even on the darkest winter day.

A closer look onto my table shows a pile of fabrics for an upcoming project, a couple tools and needles for my machine, a big pincushion, a bag full of bobbins, pins, several tape measures and a mug that holds all of my cutting and marking tools. In the background you can see my fabric basket that I received in a swap, which holds paper-piecing patterns for future projects and my freezer paper.

Up on the cupboard are several KRUS boxes from IKEA, each of these boxes has 2 dividers on the inside and they hold 1,8 L in volume. They're perfect for sorting thread, buttons, ribbons and anything else sewing related and small I have. In front of that is the little Lego sewing machine and girl that I built with my brother.

In another corner in my room I have a small space for all my craft books, patterns and a few quilting tools.

And then of course you want to know how I stash my fabrics. The 4 big boxes on the left have wheels and hold everything that is not designer fabrics, but normal cotton, home decor etc. I have those sorted by colour. Whites and creams, everything from yellow to pink, then blues and greens, and the last one holds browns, greys and blacks. The two boxes on the right are SAMLA boxes from IKEA. I love how they're all seethrough, but unfortunately the smaller SAMLA boxes do not have any wheels and they're a bit difficult to move around. The bottom one holds all my scraps, each colour sorted into individual plastic bags inside the box, as well as left over scraps of batting and fleece. The top box holds my low volume fabric and everything of designer fabrics that I own. Not much yet for some standards, I know, but we're working on it ;)
On top is my sewing basket and my unfinished projects. 

And then last but not least I have this huge digital print of a stack of buttons up on my wall. I got this last year to give my room a bit more of a crafty feel. 

Now you know where I sew! :)

Please make sure to check out all the other craft spaces that my fellow sewists linked up on Ellison Lane! There are some really amazing craft rooms shown.

Have a great week everyone!
xx Lia

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Secret Tote Bag Swap - Sign Up Time!

Hey everyone!

As announced in my post yesterday, the second round for my Secret Tote Bag Swap is now starting. You can sign up for this round from the 19th to the 29th August, 2013. Since it's already the 19th over in Australia, I've decided to put the form online already. 

The theme for this round is going to be Nature.

If this sounds interesting to you and you want to join, please head over to my Flickr Group, where you will find the Sign Up Form along with the Rules and Guidelines for this swap. The latter, along with buttons for your blog, can be found HERE as well. Please note that this swap is a Flickr based swap only, which means you must have an active Flickr account and make an inspirational mosaic to join in on the fun.

Hope to see you there!
xx Lia

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tote Bags - and another Swap announcement!

One of my friends asked me to make her another bag, preferably black with pink and with a zipper on top. She basically just asked for a plain tote with added zipper, but there was a pattern by Martina of Stash Mania that I really wanted to try out and when I showed her the pictures of the bag, my friend said she liked it and I should go ahead. Plus, I had the best fabric for lining on hand. Here's what I made for my friend.

Due to the pictures being taken outside, the black fabric actually looks a lot lighter and blue'ish, but it's jet black with bright pink accents and my friend received it already. She says she loves it. 

The bag is really easy to sew and I liked the shape a lot, so I promptly made another for Karen in Canada, who had won a free tote bag in my Swap Giveaway. She likes nature themes and natural colours. The fabric I used on the outside of her bag is actually one I bought to use as lining for a bag for myself, but so far didn't get around to making it. And it's too beautiful to be hiding as lining fabric anyway ;)

I also used variegated thread to give the stitching a little more pop. 
The colours of the thread went well with the ones in the fabric.

The goodies Karen received from me :)

There's yet another bag in the works, but a different pattern and shape and I'm currently waiting for the fabric spiralling it's way over here from the USA. Might be another while.

Now in the title of this post I mentioned a swap announcement. I'll be hosting the second round of my Tote Bag Swap starting on Monday, the 19th of August. If you're interested to sign up for it, make sure you check back here on Monday for more details, or keep an eye on my Flickr group, where the link for the sign-up form will be posted on Monday.

Enjoy your sewing time everyone and see you soon!
xx Lia

Mug Rug Revival and Sewing Room Swap - Finished

Sorry for being quiet lately, but it's vacation and holiday season and I've been covering for 2 of my colleagues since they're off work, so things were a bit hectic and there wasn't that much time to sew or blog.

But I finished several pieces for swaps - I'm totally hooked on swaps - as well as a few things for friends, which means there will be 2 posts today ;)

First of, I want to show you what I made for the Mug Rug Revival, though. My partner likes sewing themes and a few of the colours she mentioned are grey, red and low volume/text fabric. I've been wanting to try this pattern by Charise Creates for a while now and turning it into a mug rug seemed perfect.

There were a few struggles on the way, though. For startes, I had to print the pattern out about 20 times and cut it into parts for the piecing progress, as the pattern didn't come with pre-printed parts. Then I used a layer cake charm of Noteworthy for the background, the only one I had of it. Getting the print in the correct direction on all the parts was a pain in the you know what and then upon piecing everything together, I realised I had missed a part and no more Noteworthy left. Argh! I scraped a few tiny snippets together and made one part of it to just about cover the paper and of course not getting the print in the correct direction as there was just not enough fabric left. Those are moments when I just want to bite myself, but disaster was controlled as you can see below.

I know self praise is bad, but I'm so in love with this little one, that it's so hard for me to send this off! I would prefer to keep it for myself, lol!

Added a little free-motion with invisible thread, which is my new fave for quilting small pieces.

This is what my partner will receive from me and I hope she'll like my choices.

That's one swap out of the way, and I'll be sending the above goodies off on Monday. Another swap that I finished recently is the Sewing Room Swap.

My partner here likes Vintage Kitchen themes and left me a bit torn with what to make. I've only recently purchased the book 'Cups and Saucers' by Maaike Bakker which would've been perfect for this occasion because it's full of paper-pieced patterns of well...Cups and Saucers, but for some reason it didn't feel 'right', so I kept looking and came across the retro kitchen patterns in Kristy's Craftsy Shop. Those were more my cup of tea and then they turned into two wall-hangings for my partner.

Once again I added a few more goodies, trying to match the likes of my partner. These will be sent toward the end of the month, although I'm contemplating of shipping them earlier. After all they have quite a way to travel across the big pond.

Joining all these countless swaps lately has been extreme fun, because I always try to challenge myself to create something new, that I've not made before or otherwise may not have had the chance to. So far it's working great. Of course there's the nevre wracking part of what your partner will say about it and then there's the suspense of what you'll be receiving yourself, but that is the exciting part and I really love packing packages for someone else to surprise them and make them happy :) 
Reminds me of the times as a teenager when I had about 30 penpals lol!

I'm linking this post up with Kristy's Paper Piecing Party this week. Check out all the awesome paper-pieced blocks that other bloggers linked up and I'll see you in a minute with my other post!

Until then have a good time
xx Lia

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Stash

This is my first ever Sunday Stash post, and I'm linking it up with Finding Fith.

I gathered quite some fabric this week, you could actually say that I went overboard a bit, I really, REALLY need to cut back on buying fabric! Lol!

First, I placed another order with Tactile Fabrics, which has become my new favourite shop to order. Jennifer is so nice and postage is a lot cheaper than anywhere else, because she can tell you exactly how much you can buy for what rate. International starts as cheap as $11.50 for up to 2 yards. I ordered 6 yards this time for $18.50 postage and it was here in 8 days, which is a new record!

She's got so many that I like, so I got a little something of everything, some Daisy Janie, Andover, Robert Kaufmann, Michael Miller...and more, also some more aqua to please my new obsession for this colour.

And then from Fabricworm I also got the following. Had to have some of the Newspaper Print from Windham's Collage collection by Such Designs, and the Makower Wash Day Fabric is just too adorable to pass on!

And you can also see the cute tape measure ribbon and flower buttons that I got from Litte Red Cottage. 6 yards of twill ribbon for only $4.50. Super deal for me and I love them, so had to get them, plus I can probably use the yellow ribbon for my next project, which I should really start working on as it's for a swap and the deadline for shipping creeps closer.

Hoping to give you an update with pictures soon :)

Until then, have a lovely Sunday!
xx Lia
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