Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Secret Tote Bag Swap - Round 3

Today I want to invite you all to the third round of the Secret Tote Bag Swap.

For this round the theme is Geometry.

Let your imagination run wild to create the perfect tote for your partner. You can use any geometric shapes, for example hexagons, circles, squares, triangles or anything else you can think of, that can be associated with this theme. Maybe use low volume or text fabric with graph paper print or spin it even further and use some of the Architexture or Botanics collections by Carolyn Friedlander, which both have several prints that would be very good choices for this theme as well :)

Here's a selection of some of the gorgeous bags that were made during round number two, click to enlarge the picture.

The fine print:

Registration for this swap is open from January 20th to January 31st, 2014.
Partner information will be sent by February 3rd, 2014. 
The deadline to mail your tote bag is March 8th, 2014 for international shipments (shipments outside of your country) and March 15th, 2014 for domestic shipments (shipments within your country). 

Everyone can join! The swap is open to participants living anywhere in the world!

Rules and Guidelines for this swap, as well as the sign-up form, can be found in the Flickr group at

Please note that a Flickr account and the participation in the group is mandatory for this swap. 

Thanks a lot and I hope to see you there!
xx Lia

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Calling all Fabric Scrap Lovers!

Sign-Ups for round 2 of the Fabric Scrap Swap are now open, so if you want some diversity in your scrap stash or just love swapping fabric in general, hop on over to my Flickr group and sign up for this round. 

And here are the details:

This swap is supposed to be an fast and easy one, so no handmade items are required, you will only need to send fabric scraps from your scrap bin. Of course if you want to include a notion or postcard or anything else, that is entirely up to you, but not a must, so please don't be disappointed if all you receive is the fabric scraps.

The amount of scraps you will send in this swap must equal 1 yard (36" x 36") of fabric when laid out from end to end and side to side and must be of quilt shop quality and not come from JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby or any other big box retailer.

The fabric scraps must be modern fabric, no home decor or knits and they must not smell like cigarette smoke or be layered with pet hair! Also, this swap is not to be used to get rid of all the fabric you don't like! Make sure you send your partner scraps that meet their colour preferences and send a nice diversity of scraps that are no smaller than 2.5" x 2.5".

I will try my best to match everyone with a partner that has similar likes and dislikes regarding fabric colours, but please understand that this might not always be possible. 

Your partner is a secret partner, so please don't reveal their identity to the group until after they've received what you sent to them. 

This swap is international, the amount of 1 yard was set, because it's a fair amount that can be shipped with not too much expense from any country in the world. When mailing your scraps, please mark them as gift on the customs form with a value no greater than $10.

Sign-Ups for round 2 will be open until Friday, the 17th of January, 2014.
Partners will be sent out no later than Sunday, 19th of January, 2014.
All packages need to be shipped no later than Friday, the 31st of January, 2014

The first round in November was a really successful one and lots of beautiful scraps were exchanged. Let's see how many rounds of this swap we can fit into 2014! :)

See you on Flickr and Happy Swapping!
xx Lia

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you had a great holiday season and a great start into 2014. Mine was uneventful and quiet, I spent the turn of the year watching the old episodes of Sherlock to be up to date with the show for the return of the 3rd season on January 1st. And I loved the first brand new episode! Yay!

And of course I have an update on the whole Star Wars Quilt front...
Yes, my brother loved it, and I have the picture to prove it, here he is proudly sitting next to it on his bed, including his Obi Wan Kenobi Lego figure, lol!

When he uwrapped it, he only saw the Darth Vader fleece backing as I had turned that to the outside for a bigger surprise, but once he turned it over and saw the individual characters, he immediately said 'Oh you know what's cool? They're the Lego figures!' WIN!

A huge rock dropped off my chest when I realised that he was really intrigued by it. I'd been sooooo nervous prior to visiting him and him actually opening his present. It was nail-biting, but he has a thick book with all the different Lego figures of the Star Wars characters pictured in it and he went and grabbed it and then looked at his book and the quilt to see if I got them all correctly and repeatedly told me how well I'd done.
Of course I also told him that these patterns were all made by the amazing Kristy all the way in Australia and how long it took me to finish sewing them and then painting the faces on and so on and so forth. I also told him that he would have to promise me to take good care of it, which he did.

So, you see, all the work definitely paid off. I'm soooo happy that he enjoys it so much and I hope he will treasure it for years to come.

I also had a very sweet surprise my by bloggy friend Karen from Canada. She blogs over at Faeries and Fibres and sent me one of her super-awesome and cute Tiny World pincushions that she makes off the patterns of Mimi Kirchner
For as long as I'm a follower of Karen's blog and seen her make these, I've been absolutely in love with them and I think I must've told Karen that at least a hundred times. Especially since she's made so many of these in the past year that we've got to know each other. So you can understand my excitement when I opened the box and found this beauty in it!

Just look at all the tiny details! Everything is stitched and sewn by hand and the flower beds are tiny french knots. It's sooo beautiful! Also, the trees are pins and can be rearranged! I just love it! :)

Karen told me that I could use it like a normal pincushion, but my pincushions all end up very crowded, holey and dusty and I don't really want to destroy this gorgeous, little home with lots of awful and pokey holes, so I gave it a place on my window sill between some of my plants where it's on a nice display and can always be seen. Thanks you so much for my tiny new home, Karen! ;)

And then of course, I also did some holiday sewing for Christmas, that I couldn't reveal before, but here it is now. On top of the Quertee tee that I got my best friend for Christmas - she loves Dr. Who and Mignions - I also made her a matching pouch, following the Police Box Wristlet tutorial by Erin from Dog Under My Desk, that I found online.

It was finished very quickly and was enjoyed upon being unwrapped, so I think I made my friend happy. Oh and my mum picked the lining fabric for the pouch, so it's a bit of a gift from us both ;)

Right now I'm recovering from all the last minute sewing that I did on the Star Wars quilt and am just doing a bit of sewing for a friend's project as well as spending some time on my serger, which I absolutely love. It was definitely a good buy!

What are you up to?

See you soon!
xx Lia

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