Monday, February 24, 2014

Pincushions over Pincushions!

Hi everyone!

Like I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was planning to make some of my Cupcake Finger-Pincushions for my Dawanda Shop. And I think I went a bit overboard when I started making them, as I went through my fabric scraps and then found tons of scraps that would look great as a pincushion, which had me ending up with 36 of them, lol! But now my Shop is fully stocked with finger-pincushions in all variations.









Anyone want a tutorial for these? They're really easy to make, if there are enough interest I might make a tutorial and stick it up onto the blog :)

I was actually planning to do a lot more sewing, but as usual when you've made plans, something else gets in the way and this time it was my boss, who broke her arm and is now off work for at least 4 weeks, although we are already planning that it will be more likely 6 to 8, which means I can also scrape my holidays for now as they were planned for the end of March, boohoo!

Guess I will just have to make due with the odd day off in between and try and get some sewing done as I have more plans for my Dawanda Shop :)

But that's life... and now the 3 of us have to manage on our own at work. We've done it before though, so we will do it again. Just a bit of a bummer, especially for my boss of course. She has her whole right arm in a cast since it was her ellbow that she broke.

Hope you're all having fun sewing!
xx Lia


  1. No wonder you've been so quiet. You've been very busy! I feel bad for you having to cancel your vacation. Hopefully your boss will recover quickly and you'll be able to have some time off so you can do fun things!

  2. Mmm definitely like the idea of a pattern/tutorial for a finger pin cushion, please.

  3. Yes, please! A tutorial would be great! And tell us about the shop?

  4. Hi Lia,
    I just read about your shop in your profile. Good luck selling your lovely creations!


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