Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I love Notebook Covers in QAYG

Lately I'm in a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) hype as it seems, so that way another notebook cover was created that a dear friend of mine will be receiving.

I wanted something fresh and colourful, yet a bit vintage looking and I'm not really sure that I achieved that, but I hope it at least came close. It all was inspired by choosing fabrics that matched the binding of the notebook that I bought to make the cover for, see blow.

I think QAYG is a quick and easy way to make something, these covers really don't take me long, plus I tend to mix and match fabrics that I possibly wouldn't have used together for something else and I usually really love the outcome. And you can use small pieces of fabric, it's really perfect for busting some scraps.

Sewing the fabrics onto fleece makes the whole cover sturdy enough as well. I usually use fleece blankets from Ikea that I cut apart, they work great for batting and to buy normal batting would cost about 3 times as much over here.  
Then just had a couple snaps in matching colours and you're done. It's a lot of fun to make these and I intend to make a lot more for different purposes. Can you tell that I so can't wait for my holidays to start, so that I can do nothing but sew? ;) Oh, how I wish!

For a range of notebooks in all kinds of sizes I often go to the dollar stores (called Euro shops over here)  in town. They tend to carry lots of different ones and for not too bad a price either. The one I used here has different types of paper, from pages in several colours, to lined, unlined and graph paper and it cost me under €3,- which is really not that bad in my opinion.

I think making notebooks has really become a go-to gift for me this year, so I guess I'll be sticking them into future swap packages as well, should I get the time again to join some.

What have you been sewing lately?
xx Lia


  1. Neat! We were just talking about these at bee tonight. I need one so I can see how they go together and make my own. :)

  2. Ikea fleece blanket, what a great idea instead of batting - it'll probably hold together better too. Notebooks are great gift giving ideas!

  3. I'm the lucky friend who received the notebook cover and notebook. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love the coral colours. It is so pretty. I've showed it to my family and several friends and all admired it. I've never seen a notepad like the one you included and it is perfect for a quilt because it has everything a quilter could need: plain pages, lined pages and graph paper! Thanks so much Lia - I adore my new notebook! You are a doll!


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