Thursday, March 27, 2014

My newest creation ;)

For the past 2 weeks we've had more sunny days here and although they haven't stayed for too long, we have repeated days with high temperatures going up to 18°C and all the sun and nice weather really brought me into a spring mood. 

I love the flowers starting to come out in the garden, those little bursts of bright colour on an otherwise dead ground and I'm really enjoying everything colourful at the moment.

The actual idea for my newest creation wasn't born with that need for colour, though, but for having a stroll through the newly opened Woolworth store here in town and finding bee-shaped pins among their stationery supplies. 

At that very moment I knew that I just had to make flower pincushions, so that I could use those bees. And while plotting them in my head I instinctively thought of cone flowers. They attract lots of bees and their colours are just gorgeous.

I googled for a picture reference and found this beautiful shot, which I immediately safed to my phone and changed it to my background picture on there. Not just for reference, but also for that extra bit of inspiration. 

Picture copyright by WiseAcre Gardens

Last weekend then I couldn't stand the suspense and wait much longer and used my Sunday to work on a cone flower pincushion, so here's my interpreation of a cone flower with bees. ;)

The petals and leaves were created by using the Kanzashi folding technique and were then sewn onto the actual pincushion part, which is a circle-shaped piece of fabric that was stuffed with polyfill. All of that was then glued onto a yoghurt tub that I covered with matching fabric and filled with granulate to make it heavier. Then I added 2 of the pins that I mentioned above. Aren't they the cutest things?

I love the pink and yellow. They so make me long for those nice warm sunny days and we didn't even have a proper winter here, but I so miss the warmth of the sunlight, makes me feel so much better :)

Oh and before I completely forget it, I also added to my stash, although I've been a really good girl lately in terms of (not) buying fabric. I've really been holding back, but when the Fat Quarter Shop had a 20% offer on their charm packs I just couldn't resist and ordered a few...

Have been waiting to get my hands on Sweet Serenade and Botanics for a while now, so receiving my Fat Quarter Shop package in the mail really made my day, and look at the nice twill ribbon on Electic Elements. Happy Mail!

Any new collections you are looking forward to?
xx Lia


  1. A really adorable pincushion. I love youre new fabric purchases. I've been using some Eclectic Elements lately, and love those fabrics. I've not come across On Time before but it looks great.

  2. Your new creation is perfect and the little bees are the perfect finishing touch! Your new fabrics are fabulous - I wonder what you will do with them!

  3. I love your pincushion= it's perfect for those bees! My son was also upset that there was no "real " winter there (He lives in Flachslanden, Bayern)- I wish I could have sent you both some of my snow & cold weather!
    Your new fabrics look great! I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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