Monday, May 5, 2014

Creative overflow!

Hi everyone!

Lately I've been suffering from a creative overflow, if you can call it that. And actually it's not really suffering when you consider that I've not been really actively sewing for over 2 months.

But oh my God, I can't stop! I have signed up for several awesome swaps and for the past couple days have litterally been sewing nonstop and putting together swap packages and it's sooo much fun!

Hence me sharing a couple photos with you now, although I cannot show the complete swap packages, as I might reveal who my partners are in case they're following my blog, lol!

The first swap item was for the 4S Swap, also known as the the Simple & Sweet Scrappy Swap on Flickr. For this round we are making Fabric Buckets and Baskets and I used the Birch pattern for mine.

It was super easy to make and finishes at about 5 x 6 inch if using the smallest pattern, but it's quite roomy and big.

Next I signed up for the Mug Rug Revival Swap for the month May. The theme for this month is either a flower or a woodland themed mug rug. My partner gave me free range, but being inspired by all the lovely pictures in her mosaic, I decided to go with a flower theme and finally tried out the Swedish Bloom-Time Block pattern from the book Patchwork Please by Ayumi Takahashi, that I've had sitting on my shelf for a while now.

I didn't use the original block size, as it would've been too big for a mug rug, but simply scanned the book page, printed out several pages and cut them apart with the correct seam allowance, so that I could paper-piece this block. 

This one is also readily packed with a bunch of goodies and will go on it's journey today, if I catch my postman. :)

After all the sewing with fleece batting that I've done in the past months, my sewing machine started to sound a bit like a tractor again, so I've taken it apart today to clean and it pretty much looks like a little teddy bear has shed all his fur in there.

It didn't take long to clean, but there were quite some big lints in there. Which always reminds me of the time that I read on a blog somewhere how someone hadn't cleaned their sewing machine in two years. That really seems impossible to me, I need to do it every other month and if sewing with lots of linty fabrics and fleece, I try not to wait too long to clean it, just for the tractor sound re-appearing. 

But I'm wondering, how often do you clean your machines? Is it an easy task on your model or something you really hate doing? 

Let me know :)

Until my next post, you'll find me in my sewing space, preparing the next swap package... ;)

xx Lia
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