Friday, June 13, 2014

A few things I recently made

As previously mentioned, I took full use of the 3 weeks of holiday time that I had off work to catch up with my sewing. Not only did I participate in a lot of swaps, but I also made and worked on the following items.

My mum wanted a small pouch in box-shape and she loved this cherry fabric that I had, so I made her one with it.

I also made these zippered patchwork pouches in 2 different sizes. The bigger one went to a friend in the US, who was so kind to help me get a fabric for me, that I'd been looking for, the other was a birthday gift to my colleague, so that she has a secure place to store her mobile phone in. 

I also did a bit of upcycling with one of my mum's T-Shirts as she managed to dribble apple juice over herself. She's an apple lover and has so many tees with brown stains due to that. It actually turned out better than I thought. I used iron-on adhesive paper to attach the fabric patch to the tee and then used an applique stitch to go around again.

Mum likes it and I doubt it's going to be the last of her tees that receives a new look.

Added to that, I've been making loads and loads of shopping bags out of old fabrics. Mainly from old bed covers, or fabrics that I had previously cut to make cushion covers, but then never got around to it and also fabrics that my dear friend Iris has provided. All of these bags will go to Iris, who is running the website Recycling-Helden
This is a project that is close to my heart and that I am currently voluntarily sewing for and where we are creating new bags, rugs, gift wrapping and other items out of waste-products from manufactures, such as leftover cuts from productions of deck chairs, mattresses, tablecloths and so on and so forth.
The website is in German, but I am encouraging all my German speaking readers to have a look at the Recycling-Helden page, as we'll be giving away 100 shopping bags in July. All you will have to do is send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to Iris and you will receive a free shopping bag in return. More details will be on the site, though.  

Here's a look at my sewing place from last weekend, I now have almost 100 bags done, in different sizes and fabrics, just eye-balling and cutting to have no waste. 

I'm so glad I bought a serger last year, though, or else I would've never been able to make these as quickly as I've done with a serger. And I'm also thanking Teresa from Green Bag Lady for that easy shopping bag style she invented. I'm not using the actual pattern, as our sizes vary depending on how wide or how much fabric we have, but the way she's making them is a very fast and easy way to make sturdy bags! Thanks, Teresa!

I'm also including a couple pictures of the gift bags, that I made for the Recycling-Helden last year, I made a good 500 of these small bags, all from waste cuts of wax-tablecloths. Reusable, water-resistant and in all sorts of colours.

Lastly, I have a friend who is a self-published writer and whose birthday is coming up at the end of this month. Sometimes I'm struggling to find something as a gift, but I thought she could use a mug rug for when she's sat writing on her laptop, with a mug of tea or coffee next to her, while she's imagining and creating yet another new novel. And of course it had to have a bit of a book theme.

So I bought a pattern from The Patchsmith and made her a mug rug, inspired by her favourite colours, which are purple and green as far as I know and a few details thrown in, that would make it more personalized.

Since my friend is a follower of this blog, and she's already received her gift, I guess I can now reveal what I used to personalize this mug rug and why.

I used selvages for the book titles, which will be obvious for all quilters and sewists.

The Piece O' Cake was used because she's writing a lot at the moment and has quite the speed in finishing her goals. So it seems a bit like a piece of cake, how fast she's finishing future novels. 
C is for Cat is quite obvious as my friend is a cat lover and has 2 of the furry friends living with her, along with dogs as well, though. 
Out of this World is also easy to explain, as she's living in Sri Lanka which is extremely far away from me and she's also an out of this world person, simply because we've been friends for at least a decade now if not even longer. 
Fluttering Wings & Colourful Things. This one I used because she loves butterflies and birds, and her nickname used to be Butterfly Devi, and also because the flowers and colours used in traditional gowns in her country is what I would definitely put in the colourful things category. And the mug itself has Butterflies on it as well, by the way. :)

So yeah, that's that...Another extremely long and picture loaded post, but I hope you enjoyed this little insight, even if I've not posted that often or regular lately. 

Until next time!
xx Lia

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  1. wow- you are so busy- sewing up a storm! I'm checking out those other websites, even the German one. And I'm so proud to be called your friend! : )


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