Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Mail!!!

Hi everyone!

I promised I would make another post with all the loot that I'd receive in the swaps I joined and the past few days have been loaded with Happy Mail!

First I'm going to show you the inspirational mosaics that I made for my partners and after that the goodies that I received.

Let's start with the Secret Tote Bag Swap, that I'm hosting myself. In round 4 we were sewing to the theme 'Summertime' and this is the mosaic that I made as inspiration for my partner.

My tastes are actually quite obvious, I think. I love the Noodlehead Super Tote pattern and already have one Super Tote that I received in a previous round of this swap. I love the colours aqua and teal combined with blues and greys and shades of green or yellow and I looooove low volume and text fabrics. I think I also said that I wouldn't mind the bag being in QAYG style. Oh and that I like butterflies and bees.

Last Friday I then received a box from Susan aka sewlikesue with these beautifully wrapped packages.

And inside was a gorgeous Super Tote in exactly the colours I had requested and showed in my mosaic.
Sue also added 2 fatquarters of bug fabric, some flat-headed, butterfly-shaped quilting pins, dark chocolate and yummy tea. I was super-thrilled with this beautiful bag!

Here are a few more pictures, she really hit the nail on the head and I'm most impressed with how sturdy the bag is. She wrote she used some Pellon as stabilizer. And else I thought was really intriguing, is that she used some of the actual fabrics displayed in my mosaic. So Awesome!

Zipper and lining match the outter fabrics and there's a load of pockets. I always need many, many pockets for all the things I carry around with me. On the outside there's another big pocket as well. :)

Here's another look at all the extras that came along with the bag. Quilting pins, chocolate, beautiful fabric and herbal and fruit tea!

Last, but not least, here's a picture of the bag with my coin purse, that I bought when receiving the bag from the previous swap, and I'm so glad that the colours still match, yay! 

Next up is my mosaic for the Dumpling Pouch Swap hosted by Mari-Ann aka Rockislander. Once again, it's quite specific.

It's quite obvious that I love bees and was looking for a pouch in a colour range of aqua, light blue and yellow combined with lov volume and text fabrics. And since the swap was for a bug-theme, I really, really wanted to receive something with a bee.

The funny thing is, that not many participants actually used the same colour ranges that I did, but I was still keeping my fingers crossed a lot when Mari-Ann herself posted a couple pictures on Flickr of a little pouch in the very same colours. I kept my eye on the swap and more and more pouches turned up at their new homes, yet not the one Mari-Ann had made. Until today when I received a thick, padded envelope from Mari-Ann, coming all the way from Bermuda! Woohoo! 

When I opened the package, the little pouch fell out and after the initial squeal followed a happy dance! ;)
I'm absolutely in love with this little pouch and the ÜBER-adorable needlebook that she made to go along with it. 

There are a ton of tiny details there, that Mari-Ann herself has beautifully captured in a few mosaics on Flickr, see here, here and here. :) I didn't want to steal her pics, so just follow the links! ;)

The pouch itself is lined with text fabric, embroidered with a little bee and has a small bee charm dangling from the zipper. 

Along she sent many, many goodies such as fabric covered buttons, pins, sticky notes, EPP hexagons, Burt's Bees handbalm, jelly slugs (which for some reason are not in any of my pictures, although I've not eaten them yet lol!) and LOADS of bug themed fabric scraps! I'm in bug heaven! See below how many there are ;) 

How can you not be happy with all of that? My fingers are tickling to make something small with a few of these. Maybe a few notebook covers. The ants are just the cutest! 

But that's not all yet. Today I also received another swap package from the lovely Erin aka madbury13 for the Fabric Scrap Swap, that I'm also hosting. No mosaic here, but I requested texts and low volumes, bug prints, sewing themed fabrics and also added that I like small fruit and flower prints and any other cute small prints.

Erin sent an amazing pack of scraps that completely covered the options I had given her and the scraps you can see in the picture below aren't even all of the ones she sent! There are so many that I couldn't fit them all into the picture and they are beyond fabulous! Look at those donuts or the cute strawberries in the bottom row. Love all of them! And she also included a mini lint roll and mini gel pens. 

Today really was an extremely great day for receiving mail, especially since it's a Monday and we hardly ever get mail on Mondays, so I'm extra thrilled.

Also last Saturday I received a letter from customs and this morning it was confirmed by them that the package they have for me is the one from my Simple and Sweet Scrappy Swap partner Karri, that we've been patiently waiting for to get through to me for 8 weeks now. Finally! Woohoo! There's light at the end of the tunnel! 

I'll keep you updated on that one, so there might be another post with more happy mail announcements coming soon ;)

Until then I wish you all a great time!
xx Lia

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  1. A sweet mail week for you and they all look so good, love the bee themed pouch and another beautiful tote!


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