Thursday, June 12, 2014

Swap Mania

Hi everyone!

I realised it's been over a month since my last post already, but I've been in absolute swap and sewing mania lately, lol!

After my last post, I can now reveal what I sent for the Secret Tote Bag Swap, as my partner received her bag a while ago. Our theme in this round is Summertime and my partner asked for a spacey beach bag. Her mosaic showed that she liked linen and applique, as well as a beachy theme annd her favourite colours are red, green, blue and yellow as well as beige.

I made her a big bag with a large front pocket. I used a linen/cotton blend as the main fabric and a shower curtain from Ikea for the lining. This makes the inside water proof and it also can be wiped down. 
The outside pocket as a huge beach scene with a beach hut and palmtree, that I appliqued on with the machine. I also made a cardboard inlay for the bottom of the bag to make it more sturdy and added snaps so that it could be closed.

Above in the last picture you can see the whole swap package, I added beach-themed beads, funky shaped, colourful straws, a seam ripper, some chocolate and a couple skeins of embroidery floss.

In my last post, I showed you fabric basket that I made for the Simple & Sweet Scrappy Swap. Since my partner has received, I can now reveal the full package that I sent to her. She's a Sherlock Fan, so I made her a Sherlock-themed hoop-art for her sewing room, that I cross-stitched, following a pattern that I bought from weelittlestitches on Etsy. Go check them out, they have amazing and super-cute cross-stitch patterns for basically any fandom out there!

Unfortunately my own fabric basket is still whirling its way across the globe to me. My partner actually sent two packages, as she found stuff she had planned to put in the first package, but forgot and then sent along after. Strangely the second one has arrived a while ago, but the first one still hasn't found its way home to me. 
I have had a really bad case of delayed mail all through May though, so am still hoping! When it gets here, I will make an extra post to show it off, as the basket she made is really beautiful, so I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be here soon :)

Next, I previously posted about this mug rug, that I sent for the Mug Rug Revival for the month May. My partner also has received and here is now the full swap package. 

In return I received this super adorable mug rug from the swap mama herself. I had hinted at a bee theme in my inspirational mosaic for my partner, so I was really happy when this little buzzer showed up at my door :)

And as I always do, I decided to put it up as wall-art instead. Now I can appreciate it every day and am hoping to extend that wall with a few more mug rugs soon, lol!

Next up is a swap package that I made for my own Fabric Scrap Swap. I know you can't see much here, but my partner had it in her hands within 4 days of me posting it off, which is enough to mention it here, because that is a new record from the German post to the USA. I mean, imagine my surprise when she said she had it already just 4 days later, when over here customs sometimes need 3 weeks to process it to go through (that's after it already arrived in this country...)!

Last, but definitely not least we have this little zippered pouch, that I made for my partner in the Dumpling Swap. I'm not really sure if she's a follower of my blog or now, so I'm just going to take a risk here now and show the full swap package a few pictures down, but she's a bee lover like me (the theme of the round was bugs) and I tried really hard to match her fabric tastes and colour wishes. I know that she replied on Flickr that she loves this, so I know she will be happy. :)

The bees are embroidered by the way. First time I actually did something like that and I love how they turned out. Actually gave myself a pat to the shoulder for that and it was really hard to send this little one away, I would've loved to keep it, but know that my partner will give it a great and loving home.

Yes, when seeing the picture above, I think I really went all out. The task of the swap was to just fill the pouch, but after I had spent 2 days going to basically every shop here in town for bee-related goodies, I just had to send everything that fit in the package weight wise, with 4 grams to spare lol!

And since I'm so addicted to swapping at the moment, I also just signed up for a new swap at the Quilting Gallery. Mug Rugs with the theme Summertime Memories. That sounds soooo nice and I love mug rugs, as I always use them as mini-wall hangings for decoration of my walls. :)

Summertime Memories Mug Rug Swap

Can't wait!

Oh and since I have more sewing related goodies to show you, I will make an extra post in the next few days ;)

See you then!
xx Lia


  1. Please don't stress out about the frequency of your posts. That beautiful beach bag was worth the wait! Great idea to use a shower curtain for lining!

  2. No wonder you've been so quiet! You've been a very busy sewist! Everything is so pretty. Your partners are very lucky to have you as their partner!


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