Friday, July 18, 2014

A whole lot of fabric buckets!

It's here! It's here! And I was completely right in saying that it would need an extra blog post!

My fabric basket from the lovely Karri in Texas finally arrived after an almost 8 week long arrival/delivery time. If you ask me customs must've had a ball playing with it, judging from the amounts of stickers they put on the package!!

Here's a look at what was in the envelope. Tea flowers, yummy chocolate and a beautifully wrapped packkage. Until then I didn't know the crazy amount of goodies that she had wrapped with the adorable piece of fabric. I love butterflies by the way and Karri clearly picked up on that! :)

Inside this beautiful wrapping was a low volume and texty fabric bucket. This bucket was the initial swap item for the Simple and Sweet Scrappy Swap and I love the orange and blue side of it. Plus Karri used several of my favourite fabrics from Alison Glass, Lotta Jansdotter and Carolyn Friedlander. Win!

Wrapped inside the basket were even more goodies! Lots of lace trims (I have used some of these for a recet project, that I'll blog about soon), a load of lovely scraps, a Prairie Pointer Tool, zipper with zipper pull charm, metal tags and so on and so forth!

But that's not all, because shortly after Karri had sent this original package in May, she realised that some of the things she had wanted to include were still lying around at her home and she sent another enevelope. That one actually arrived a month before the original basket package. But I've withheld posting pictures before, as I wanted to get it all together in one big post. 

In that package was more trimming, a clover seam tool (which I've been using while paper-piecing and just LOVE!), a pencil, some cute labels, a bag pattern aaaaand Aurifil!!! it's my first ever Aurifil! Happy dance!

So you can imagine that I was more than thrilled!

But Karri - the lovely angel she is - had gotten together an actual angel package when the first basket was still stuck in transit and customs and whatnot. That one arrived last week and was an equal stunner!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package and found this loot in it. Plus, it's like she installed a secret camera into my sewing room and spied on me, because she sent Frixion pens in the only 2 colours I didn't have yet, a quarter inch seam ruler (I've been wanting one), more Aurifil and even more scraps. Also another bag pattern, a stamp, rick rack ribbon and hexie templates. Seriously spoiled here!

And then there's this cute, amazing, little scrap of Heather Ross fabric, that literally had me bouncing and squealing. It's the out of print and extremely popular Fish Out of Bags print. I've seen listings online where a yard goes for well over $50, just so you know how crazy people are over it ;)

I mean, just look at how cute they are??? Am gonna end my blog post with these cuties and wish you all a very happy and sunny day! :)

xx Lia


  1. YaY!! Goodie for you!!!! No one deserves all those goodies more than you do!!

  2. Karri in Texas is extremely generous! I'm with TammyLB - you deserve all those goodies for the good work you do for the rest of us!


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