Thursday, July 3, 2014

Craft It Forward!

It feels like ages ago that I left a comment under a Craft It Forward blog post on Angela's blog Heart of Charnwood, but today I received my Craft It Forward gift from her in the mail, which came as a total surprise.

Craft It Forward is basically like a chain letter for crafty goodies. The first 5 people who have a blog and sign up by leaving a comment under this post, will each receive a handmade gift, as a surprise, at someone point within the next 12 months. Once you have received your gift you will have to Craft it Forward for 5 people as well.

So today I received my Craft It Forward surprise and Angela made me this cute, lined drawsting bag, which is quite fab, as I've been looking into making one as a lunchbag for work, but hadn't gotten around to it and also wasn't able to join the Simple and Sweet Scrappy Swap at the time that they were all sewing drawstring bags. Meaning, I'm really happy about this little drawstring bag, especially as the colours (the lining is blue) go well with my new Super Tote. Thanks Ange!

What do you think? Do you want to join in on the fun? Want to receive one handmade gift and make the same offer for 5 other crafty people (once you have received your Craft It Forward gift)? Then sign up by leaving a comment below! :)

xx Lia


  1. Count me in please, sounds like lots of fun and I love surprises.

  2. I'd love to join in with this! A little surprise and a reason to make 5 small things myself is impossible to resist! You can find me at

  3. Thank you Julia, I received my lovely pumpkins from Craft it Forward. I was in total amazement when the package arrived. I had totally forgotten about it (my brain is like a seive). Sending you warm quilty hugs from Cloncurry Australia. xoxo


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