Saturday, July 19, 2014

Strawberry Craziness...

It's absolutely safe to say that I have a soft spot for everything relating to strawberries when it comes to patterns and sewing. Which is a bit crazy since I'm actually allergic to strawberries unless they're turned into jam or cooked or else. 
But I've been waiting for a Strawberry Swap to come along for a while and when Jamie started hosting an Instagram and Flickr based Strawberry Swap, I just knew that I had to join.

My partner listed a few a few things that she would love to receive, one of them being a fabric basket and since I loved making the one for Kristel in the Simple and Sweet Scrappy Swap, I thought I would make my Strawberry Swap partner a proper fabric bucket as well.

It all started with pulling a few fabrics and a pattern. For the basket I used the Birch pattern in small again, for the Strawberries I got the Strawberry block from Sew Ichigo and reduced the size to 50%, so that each block came out at 3.5" including seam allowance.

I just love how the colours pop against the low volume fabrics and how cute these strawberries are in this size. Granted I had to pull out my stitches on the first block as it came out wonky at first, but then I got the hang of it. Yes, I get a bit rusty with paper-piecing when not having done it for a couple weeks, lol! ;)

After sewing them into rows, I started working on the actual bucket parts. No pictures here, but I added half an inch in size to the pattern of the bucket as I would've needed to cut off some of the strawberry blocks else and the seam allowance is already quite close to the actual berries.

Here are several pictures of the finished bucket, though. It is the smallest of them, but don't let that scare you away, the actual basket has quite some space for filling it.

In the last picture you can also see the inlay bottom that I made to make it more sturdy when standing. Just made a tube of the same fabric, turned it over and pushed some cardboard in. Voila! :)

And since a Strawberry Swap can never have enough strawberries... here are also a few pincushions. They look edible, don't they?

Once again there's a few firsts in this swap for me. First time making these pincushions. Also I never so actively used text or low volume prints in one project before. I've only seen others do it and always loved it. Needless to say that I'm having a very hard time parting with this fabric basket, but I think my partner wouldn't be too happy with me keeping it, lol!

I added a few scraps, including strawberry prints and a couple leftovers of the texty prints I used in this project.

After that I dug out pretty much anything strawberry-themed that I could find. I may have gone a bit overboard again on this one, similar to the bug themed Dumpling Pouch Swap the other week, but I just love spoiling people and sending packages like this. I'm sure my partner won't mind, I know I definitely wouldnt. 

All of this is now packed up in a box and ready to go to its new home once the temperaturs have dropped a bit here. It's pretty hot at the moment and I don't want the Choclait Chips to arrive a melted mess. Hopefully they won't have to travel too long.

That's it from me for now. Happy sewing everyone!
 xx Lia


  1. What a great swap make. You have one very lucky partner. Btw have you ever seen felxible plastic chopping boards? I've found them in a few local stores here and in Aldi from time to time. They are easily cut up with scissors and make great inserts for fabric bucket bases or bag bases with the added bonus of being totally washable. Just thought I'd mention the tip.

  2. Very cute basket and such a great gift full of yummy treats!

  3. Oh wow! I love it all. I miss joining the swaps. I have been so busy the past few months. I hope to swap with you all again in the future. Excellent job!

  4. Your partner will be so happy!!! That is just a perfect basket!!

  5. OMG these are just the cutest things ever Lia ! love all your strawberry creations.

  6. I love the strawberries! These are so darling!


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