Thursday, March 27, 2014

My newest creation ;)

For the past 2 weeks we've had more sunny days here and although they haven't stayed for too long, we have repeated days with high temperatures going up to 18°C and all the sun and nice weather really brought me into a spring mood. 

I love the flowers starting to come out in the garden, those little bursts of bright colour on an otherwise dead ground and I'm really enjoying everything colourful at the moment.

The actual idea for my newest creation wasn't born with that need for colour, though, but for having a stroll through the newly opened Woolworth store here in town and finding bee-shaped pins among their stationery supplies. 

At that very moment I knew that I just had to make flower pincushions, so that I could use those bees. And while plotting them in my head I instinctively thought of cone flowers. They attract lots of bees and their colours are just gorgeous.

I googled for a picture reference and found this beautiful shot, which I immediately safed to my phone and changed it to my background picture on there. Not just for reference, but also for that extra bit of inspiration. 

Picture copyright by WiseAcre Gardens

Last weekend then I couldn't stand the suspense and wait much longer and used my Sunday to work on a cone flower pincushion, so here's my interpreation of a cone flower with bees. ;)

The petals and leaves were created by using the Kanzashi folding technique and were then sewn onto the actual pincushion part, which is a circle-shaped piece of fabric that was stuffed with polyfill. All of that was then glued onto a yoghurt tub that I covered with matching fabric and filled with granulate to make it heavier. Then I added 2 of the pins that I mentioned above. Aren't they the cutest things?

I love the pink and yellow. They so make me long for those nice warm sunny days and we didn't even have a proper winter here, but I so miss the warmth of the sunlight, makes me feel so much better :)

Oh and before I completely forget it, I also added to my stash, although I've been a really good girl lately in terms of (not) buying fabric. I've really been holding back, but when the Fat Quarter Shop had a 20% offer on their charm packs I just couldn't resist and ordered a few...

Have been waiting to get my hands on Sweet Serenade and Botanics for a while now, so receiving my Fat Quarter Shop package in the mail really made my day, and look at the nice twill ribbon on Electic Elements. Happy Mail!

Any new collections you are looking forward to?
xx Lia

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I love Notebook Covers in QAYG

Lately I'm in a Quilt As You Go (QAYG) hype as it seems, so that way another notebook cover was created that a dear friend of mine will be receiving.

I wanted something fresh and colourful, yet a bit vintage looking and I'm not really sure that I achieved that, but I hope it at least came close. It all was inspired by choosing fabrics that matched the binding of the notebook that I bought to make the cover for, see blow.

I think QAYG is a quick and easy way to make something, these covers really don't take me long, plus I tend to mix and match fabrics that I possibly wouldn't have used together for something else and I usually really love the outcome. And you can use small pieces of fabric, it's really perfect for busting some scraps.

Sewing the fabrics onto fleece makes the whole cover sturdy enough as well. I usually use fleece blankets from Ikea that I cut apart, they work great for batting and to buy normal batting would cost about 3 times as much over here.  
Then just had a couple snaps in matching colours and you're done. It's a lot of fun to make these and I intend to make a lot more for different purposes. Can you tell that I so can't wait for my holidays to start, so that I can do nothing but sew? ;) Oh, how I wish!

For a range of notebooks in all kinds of sizes I often go to the dollar stores (called Euro shops over here)  in town. They tend to carry lots of different ones and for not too bad a price either. The one I used here has different types of paper, from pages in several colours, to lined, unlined and graph paper and it cost me under €3,- which is really not that bad in my opinion.

I think making notebooks has really become a go-to gift for me this year, so I guess I'll be sticking them into future swap packages as well, should I get the time again to join some.

What have you been sewing lately?
xx Lia

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Darth Vader Pillow...

Here's a little something I've been working on in the past week, on my only day off work ;)

I honestly didn't think that I would be making another Star Wars themed items so soon after finishing the Star Wars Quilt for my little brother, but then a colleague of mine mentioned that her 5 year old stepson is mad about Star Wars and really likes Darth Vader, so I offered to make her a pillow with the leftover fabrics from my quilt, since she was undecided what to give him for his birthday.

So I sat down on my day off and spent the afternoon sewing on this pillow case with the patterns from Kristy at Quiet Play. How much did I miss my machine? 

In the past couple weeks sewing has really become a rare past time for me, because mostly when I've got a day off, I'm too knackered or too unmotivated to do much.
My boss is still written off sick, they have removed her cast now (for everyone not following the story, she had broken her right elbow mid February by falling over a broom at work), after just 3 weeks, she's been receiving daily physio therapy to get movement back into her arm, but says it's extremely painful and she can't move her hand up to her shoulder. Upon requesting that she wanted to come back to work next week the doctor said definitely not and extended her sick leave until April 9th for now. 

So it will be 7 weeks by then that the leftover 3 of us have been working on our own then and I wish I could say I've got used to it by now, but I'm just knackered all the time, so small sewing items and little portions of making time with my machine will have to do for now.

Lately my creativity has been tickling me a little, though, and I have a few more posts planned to show you what I've been making.

I hope everyone else has a beautiful spring time!
xx Lia

P.S. I'm linking this up with Kristy at Quiet Play and her Paper Piecing Party.

Paper Piecing Party

Friday, March 7, 2014

A little experiment...

The other day I had a little idea when finding a small A7 sized notepad in the folder that holds the manual for my car and thought, I could make a quilted cover for it, that protects the notepad.

It was whipped up really quickly using the QAYG method. I used fleece batting, no stabiliser and the cover is already nice and sturdy enough in my opinion. I picked fabrics from my scrappy bin and added a couple Kam Snaps as fasteners.

I'm actually planning to make some more of these in different colours when I have some time and then maybe add them to my Dawanda Shop, like I did with my pincushions.

There have been a few request for a tutorial for those (the finger pincushions) and I will make one as soon as I have a bit of more time, promise. It's been 2 and a half weeks now since my boss broke her arm, so there isn't really an end in sight yet.

On a brighter note, the third round for my Fabric Scrap Swap just started, so if you want to join that, head over to the Flickr group for all the info as well as the sign-up form. But be quick, you can only sign up until the 14th of March, 2014! :)

Hope you're all having a great time, spring is definitely coming over here and I'm enjoying the sunshine and warmer temperatures, although not the hayfever, lol!

Until next time!
xx Lia
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