Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Four Seasons" - Project Quilting Challenge 1

It's January, which means it's once again time for a season of Project Quilting and every year it actually comes as a surprise to me, as January is usually a super busy month for me work wise.

This time isn't an exception since the last 2 weeks of this month will be spent with holiday coverage at work and I will have close to zero sewing time, which means that challenge number 2 might be difficult to handle unless I make it a really small project.

All of that aside, it took me nearly a week to finish my entry for the first challenge of season 6 of Project Quilting, which was simple called "Trees".

I already took part in Season 3 and 4, but since then have developed my sewing skills and gotten more confident and I like challenging myself to something new, trying out new stuff and new techniques I've not done before and these challenges are perfect for that.

This time around I was inspired by a picture I saw some time ago of a tree that showed all four seasons at once. I started brainstorming and decided that I wanted it to be an apple tree.

I am calling this simply 'Four Seasons' as that says it all, but I will show some more close-up pictures as there are many details that might go unnoticed on first glance.

I worked with 2.5" charms, 16 for every season and 80 low volume charms for the background. All the details were embroidered by hand, I also used buttons and KAM snaps for the detailling.
This project was ironed onto fleece with double sided fusible web, then was mounted onto the wooden backing of a picture frame with an additional layer of fleece to give it a little more padding. 

Originally I wanted to use a stretcher frame, but on an attempted last minute buy yesterday, I realised that nowhere in my little city I could find one in the correct size, so off I went with an electrical saw and cut the board of my frame to fit. The finished wall-art is 24.5" square. And the best part? There's a hanger already on it. ;)

But now onto the details. Let's start in the upper left corner with Spring.

This shows the apple tree in full bloom, pink blossoms in different shades. I got these flower buttons a while ago for no reason other than that they were pretty, but never got to actually use them until now.
I also added rain, because trees need rain and water in order to grow and spring is all about growth.

Next up is summer and my tree is full of red apples in different sized, just like on a real tree. The leaves are a rich green now and the apples are getting lots of sunshine.

As we reach autumn there are only a few rotten apples left, that no one picked, or that didn't fall down yet, it's gotten colder and the wind or storm is blowing around the leaves, playing with them. 

Finally we reach winter, the tree is bare apart from a couple squirrels playing in the branches, and the cold wind is blowing, whirling a couple snowflakes through the air.

This is my interpretation of the four seasons and since the challenge was called "Trees", I also added a few fabrics with small tree or leafy prints. 
On top of that I'm proud to add that all of the materials used are out of my stash. Nothing was bought to finish this piece, everything was taken out of my stash or was reconstructed like I did with that backing piece of my picture frame, which is another step within the Sew My Stash challenge that I wrote about in my last post. So, as you can see, I'm sticking to it. ;)

I hope you liked my interpretation of a four season apple tree and I will hopefully have another Project Quilting challenge piece for you in 2 weeks time.

Happy sewing!
xx Lia


  1. This is absolutely amazing! I'm blown away! And I do have a love for apple trees ... but even if I didn't - wow!!!!! nice work!

  2. Lia- this is SO PERFECT!! Amazing!! Such awesome detail!! All done in a week yet???? WOW

  3. Beautiful job, Lia! I've always had a love for trees and seasons and your project is just perfect!

  4. What a great job you did Lia! Love the little squirrels playing on the tree. The variety of quilting designs and the little embellishments finish it beautifully!

  5. This is delightful to look at, and the details are wonderfully creative!

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you detail. Man I hope I can become that amazing :) i am so glad you shared your talent on Project Quilting so that I could see some truly special talent. Thank you!!! ~Kaz

  7. Really wonderfully done! I love it!

  8. Stunning! Thanks for all the close-up shots. Such a detailed and well thought-out piece.

  9. I just love your idea and the finished project is truly a work of art!

  10. Thank you for telling the story behind your quilt. I love the story. I hope you put the story on the label so that it will be there forever. I made quilts for my brother's twin grandchildren (not the same gender). I used the same fabrics and just did simple charm square cuts to show off the fabrics. I hand quilted them. I put the meaning of each child's name on the label and why I had chosen the border around the label. I told that they quilts were machine pieced and hand quilted. My nephew and his wife adore hand made things. The first time my brother visited after the quilts arrived, the labels were the first thing my nephew showed his dad. Your quilt is wonderful. You are very creative. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  11. Such a lovely quilt with a great story! The details are beautiful.

  12. I have worked out a couple of ideas for a 4 seasons quilt but have to say that yours just tickles the hell out of me!!!
    What a great way to go!!!


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