Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fabulous turn into the new year. Ours was pretty loud and filled with lots of anxiety from our dog, but now everything is good again.
For her it's definitely the worst day of the year, sometimes the whole week, depending how recklessly our neighbours are firing their crackers and how many days for...

But anyway, a new year, new challenges and what better way to start the year than with a super cute Block of the Month? Yes! Kristy from Quiet Play has another paper-pieced BOM and while I didn't join the one last year, I started learning paper-piecing with her sewing-themed BOM in 2013 and have been hooked ever since.
So when I saw that she was doing a Zoo Animals BOM, I just had to join, because these patterns are way too cute!

For the month January we started with the Flamingo. And since I have decided to join another challenge called Sew My Stash, I have picked fabrics from my stash - quilting and non-quilting cottons in a mix - to make my block for this month.

A couple hours later and the block was finished. The background is a cotton curtain fabric, that I first thought would be a bit too dark, but this shade of blue really makes the colour of the Flamingo pop. And since the part over their beak is not entirely white, I used that charm square of Figures by Zen Chic. I think he's really pretty and am already looking forward to see which animal will be the block for February. I think my secret favourite is the blue macaw. 

This time around I am planning my fabrics more wisely and will stick to the same background for all of them. Just to make it look more consistent. 

But now back to the other challenge I mentioned before. It's called Sew My Stash 2015 and basically consists of using the fabrics you already have at hand to sew projects, rather than constantly buying new fabric. 
My fabric stash is actually not that big if you count quilting cottons only, it's just one box, plus scraps. I do have a load of other fabrics as well, though. From Ikea, Joann's, the local DIY's, curtain fabric, jeans, upholstery, fleece, linen, countless scraps, so on and so forth. A fabric diet would really not be the worst thing for me, although it will be hard. Much harder than cutting down on chocolate and sweets ;)

We'll see how long I will last. One order from the end of the year is not going to make it to me until April, though. My dear quilting friend Tammy is visiting her son here in Germany in April and will be taking an order that I had shipped to her with her when coming over. That way I won't have to pay horrendous amounts of shipping from the US to here, nor any custom charges. Don't you just love quilty friends? They're the best! Woohoo! I definitely will be displaying the fabrics here when they arrive, because they are a gorgeous rainbow set!

Another little outstanding fabric delivery is a scrap package, also from a friend, that I need for a swap. I yet need to pay for it, but it has been in the works since mid December. So I think I'm off the hook. Other than that I will desperately try and NOT buy any new fabrics. But like I said, let's see how long I'll last. Is Carolyn Friedlander releasing yet another new fabric line this year? Because that could be my downfall then ;)

If you are interested in joining the Sew My Stash project as well, jump over to Project Leasa to find out more about it. 

Have fun on your sewing endeavours!
xx Lia


  1. The flamingo is adorable! I think using a single fabric for the background is a great decision! The flamingo and macaw are my favourite blocks!

  2. Love your flamingo!
    I admire your trying to do 'Sew My Stash 2015". I really need to try that! (will consider it....)

  3. I agree that your colors are perfect together! Good job on not having too large of a stash and also upcycling clothing, curtains, etc.!


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