Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Cupcake O'Hare" - Project Quilting Challenge 3 (and a major thanks!)

This week I'm back early. I can't believe I actually finished my challenge piece within the first day. That definitely is a first, but also a nice feeling, since I literally spent sewing every free minute of every day in the weeks of the challenges one and two. 

So without further ado, meet my challenge entry "Cupcake O'Hare".

Now upon seeing this, some of you may be confused or think 'what the heck...?', but I can easily explain this rather simple piece with the Easter vibe, so hang in there...

Challenge 3 of Project Quilting was called UFOs and Orphan Blocks, which means we had to go through our unfinished projects and pick out some of those unfinished blocks or other neglected projects and use them and/or make them into a finished new project.

I actually don't have many UFOs or orphan blocks, apart from a few paper-pieced blocks that I redid because they didn't look good, or from a few sew-alongs or BOM's for example. My UFO box is rather empty and tiny, but I had a few things in there, that worked together.

Most of the above picture shows parts for a Tilda Hare that I started several years ago when a friend gave me a companion of Tilda books and patterns for Christmas. I only ever finished one hare and a couple birds, then pushed off finishing this one for ages - until the challenge was posted on Sunday night.

In the picture you can also see an un-finished hashtag block that I made last December for the #SewingForSydney campaign hosted by Molli Sparkles, but that came out the wrong size due to me using the wrong foot on my machine, and a cupcake block that originally was made in May 2013 with the Summer Sampler Sew-Along hosted by Ellison Lane Quilts.

I didn't use the unfinished hashtag block in the end, but I used the doll parts for the Tilda Hare and the cupcake block, which means I merged a UFO and an orphan block together into one and out came a cute little Tilda bunny with a snuggly, little quilt to match.

As you can see I added some detail with free-motion to give the small mugrug sized blanket a bit of depth. It also feels like freemotion is starting to get a bit easier for me, so I really enjoy it. 

The backing of this little quilt is a pink fabric with a heart print (the one I used for the original hashtag block) and the binding is a bit of Aneela Hoey's Posey line. 

Isn't Miss Cupcake too cute with her flower hat? Oh look, she's blushing! ;)

I have added a string to the bunny's back and it's now hanging on my door as spring decoration. I really adore this little one and it kind of brought me in the mood to make more. I have tons of fabrics I can use and lots of Tilda patterns too. Might make one of the angels next, we'll see. Here are a few more details in close-up, such as the heart buttons and the embroidery on the dress and her little pants.

Now, I understand if this might not look like much to some people, but I'm glad that I finished these two and I actually asked Kim if it would be ok to do this as I didn't want to go against any rules. But she said yes and in the end I did what the challenge asked for: 
  1. - Used an orphan block and/or UFO and I
  2. - used at least one of the following, mandatory techniques: patchwork, appliqué, 3 layers stitched together by hand or machine.

Let's see where this one takes me. ;)

And here's where the thanks have to start, because last week I was speechless when my challenge 2 piece "Morning in the Moor" reached place 2 in the public voting with a whopping 226 votes! 

That are more votes than I received to win challenge one with my "Four Seasons" entry - in the same public voting. So thanks a million to each and everyone out there who voted. It means a lot!

I honestly doubt we will get anywhere that close with my entry for this week, but it surely makes me proud to know that I have a few fans out there, so thanks bunches!!

Enjoy your time and see you next week!
xx Lia


  1. I think you are selling yourself short, to not expect much for this week's challenge! She is adorable, and follows all the rules! I'll be passing this one along, as well!!

  2. I agree with Tammy! Ms. O'Hare is as adorable as her name would suggest! You always do such a lovely job of your work. Congrats on receiving so many votes for Morning in the Moor!

  3. This is WAY TO CUTE! But it is possible that she may be happier hanging around my house for a bit....

  4. what a cute project! i love what you've done here! Every bunny needs a quilt :)

  5. This is absolutely adorable - I'm scared to death of 3D projects! Super cute!!

  6. Miss Cupcake is very sweet. Your project is perfect for the challenge and now you have brought that bunny to life and have a life long friend.

  7. Awww this bunny and her quilt are so sweet. I love her. www.quiltartbymegan.com


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