Friday, March 6, 2015

"Beneath a Silver Light" - Project Quilting Challenge 5

This week's Project Quilting Challenge was called "Favourite Fabric" and you were supposed to pick your favourite fabric out of your stash and use it in a project. 
Now, many quilters and sewists out there might horde their favourite fabrics and never ever cut them, but I have several pieces of fabric, especially low volumes, that I'm a huge fan of and that I love using in projects. 
I love these fabrics more than others and don't actually have any fabrics that I haven't cut into yet for the reason that they're my favourites, but they just have not matched any criteria to fit into recent projects. So I just opted to use my favourites for projects. 
And the result of that is a fabric wall-art that I am calling "Beneath the Silver Light".

I will go into a bit more detail about how this piece came to light. No pun intended ;)

As my quilty friends will be able to confirm, I have a huge love for Carolyn Friedlander fabrics. especially her Architextures and Botanics collections as they include loads of awesome low volume prints and I have an extreme soft spot for those. 

Since I had a clear idea in my head about what I wanted to make, I made the following pull of favourite fabrics, I only ended up using 3 of these in the finished project, but added some from another fave designer of mine, Lizzy House. Unfortunately I only had a tiny scrap of my all time favourite left, Pearl Bracelets in light grey, not nearly enough to use it for what I had in mind.

And then the pulling of the other fabrics began. I swear, I never knew I had that many blues in my stash. Kind of amazing, as until recently I've not been feeling the blues so much, in fabric at least. I'm usually more into aqua and teal, lol! That's changing now! ;)

Since my "Morning in the Moor" wall-art that I made for challenge 2, I've been looking on the emmpty space on the wall next to it and thinking how a night piece would be perfect to make a completed set of pictures. I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like and was hoping that it would fit into a future challenge's theme. So this was my chance now. 

I drew my 'layers' onto a piece of paper, then cut out the parts, used them as templates for my double-sided fusible web and fabric. Then I ironed all the parts on a muslin type of fabric and after that began stitching them down to secure them, using decorative stitches. Thanks for the huge range of blue shades I have in my thread collection...

I tried to put special emphasis on the silver moon. Adding two layers of shimmery organza over my 2 different Botanics fabrics. You can't see it in the picture below, but the charcoal leaves only go as far as the first silver row of stitches on the inside, underneath that is another quarter inch of the branches fabric.
The organza and silver embroidery thread really give the moon a special glow. And speaking of glow, the star fabric is a glow in the dark fabric and my final left over from binding scraps of the Star Wars quilt that I made for my little brother. 

Like on the "Morning in the Moor" wall-art, I also was thinking about adding embroidery again. But I admit that I did not know what of. I didn't want to use cattails or birds again, then someone on Instagram commented on a work-in-progress picture and said that it looked like snowy hills in a winter night and that gave me the idea of a bare tree... and well, there's a full moon, so the owl was a given. Edited pictures in photoshop again, printed it out, drew it out with a Frixion pen, then went to work on embroidering it all.

I probably could have used fabric and iron the tree and owl on as well to make it easier, but I wanted it to be consistent with the other wall-art, so they could really work as a set next to each other. Also, the details on the owl are so much clearer this way, look at the fringy ears for example. 

Here are a few more shots to show the ranges of blue fabrics. 

The black fabric that I used for the hills is fabric that I used in my first ever quilt, by the way. So you can tell that a few special pieces went into this and I'm totally in love with this one. Probably because there are several favourites of mine in it.

They are both up together on my wall now. Can I admit I am already planning another in my head? They're kind of addicting. But I have no more space to hang them on this small wall, lol!

Now all that I will need starting from Sunday on, are your votes in the viewers choice voting. "Morning in the Moor" finished in 2nd place and that was beyond awesome. Maybe we can do that again? I'm counting on all of you! :)

Much love,
xx Lia


  1. They look amazing together! Well done! Good luck with the voting.

  2. gorgeous! these are just fabulous!

  3. Lia, this is awesome! I loved (& voted for!) Morning in the Moor, and this is a sweet companion!

  4. Wow - you are amazingly talented - these are both stunning. I have voted for you too.

  5. You and your quilts are inspiring! Just lovely.

  6. I love the new piece (have already voted for it) and it looks great with the Moor piece. I agree that the embroidery was a better choice than fusing. The little detail of the "ears" and the tail feathers are fabulous! Good job Lia and good luck!

  7. Those two quilts are so awesome! Fantastic!

  8. This is my all time favorite❤️


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