Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flowery crochet pincushion for a swap

Hey everyone!

I'm absolutely craft crazy lately with all the Project Quilting Challenges that I've done in the past couple weeks, so during the off weeks I'm either making swap items or other crafty things. 

Last week I bought a whole starter kit for needle felting, but have not had time to try that yet, my fingers are tickling, though. Definitely going to give it a try when I have a free minute.

Other than that I have joined a few swaps and one of them was the Instagram pincushion swap, which can be found on Instagram under #IGpincushionswap. The due date for sending isn't until late May, but I wanted to get a headstart and actually finished my pincushion already.

Since my partner has not commented on anything swap related that I posted on my Instagram profile, I was having a bit of a hard time. In the details that I received from our swapmama, my partner mentions she would love a woodland or fairytale themed pincushion, but her inspirational mosaic showed the complete opposite and also added that I have free range of what to do, she'd be happy with anything. So I was contemplating back and forth for quite a while, until I decided to settle on a flower pincushion.

And here's the result in several pictures for your viewing pleasure ;)

The base for this pincushion is actually a small cat bowl that I found at the Euro shop (equivalent to the dollar store for all the US folks reading lol), which adds a bit of weight to it and makes it sturdy enough to stand properly without tipping over.

The 'grass' is a guest towel that I got at the drug store and cut apart. It's wrapped around a filling of several layers of poly batting scraps that I tightly wrapped into a ball. I sewed the towel closed at the bottom and then glued the 'grass' ball into the bowl using a special glue that can also be used for ceramics.

The flowers were all done following several crochet tutorials online and I made a couple more, but then settled on these 3. I'm not the world's best crocheter, so I needed several tries to get the right sizes of flowers until it felt like they were going well together. 

After finishing the flowers, I made the leaves using cotton fabric in different prints and shades of green and one layer of poly batting, also from scraps. Then I started to attach everything to my grassy base.

I tried to make all of the flower centers to look different by adding a few embellishments. The one seen in the picture above has a center that was originally a flower hairband from a package of wedding decorations that I also got at the Euro shop. The ribbon used on it shimmers slightly in a light pink, so is matching the actual flower. 

On the purple flower I used a button for the center and also several pins, the lilac coloured flower has a center of all pins that I secured with craft glue. 

The final touch were a couple butterfly buttons. They are wooden buttons that I got off ebay for cheap and they look quite realistic, which I love. 

So the verdict is that I really hope that my partner will love this pincushion. I posted a mosaic of the above pictures on Instagram as well, but sadly she's not commented... yet?
She's a follower of mine on there and posting regularly other than that,'s leaving me quite a bit frustrated at the moment, lol!

I have done a huge amount of swaps, it must have been close to twenty last year alone, and I never had a problem with swap partners commenting or throwing around ideas, it makes the whole creating process so much easier when you know you're heading in the right direction, whereas right now I just feel lost. 

There's a few extras I have picked out, that I know I wanna add to her package, also a few decorative pins that I made up, so here's to hoping that she'll enjoy it all :)

Have you ever had a quiet swap partner? What are your experiences and how do you usually deal with it? 
Would love to hear your thoughts!

Have  agood day ;)
xx Lia


  1. What a really great idea. I love how you have created the different textures in the pincushion, it's just fabulous.
    I've had a few quiet swap partners. I do find it very frustrating when I don't get any input during the creative process, but thankfully that has always been made up for by their gratitude and enthusiasm for the swap item when they received it.

  2. Wow, your pincushion is gorgeous! I am sure your partner will love it. Such a clever idea in the way you made it.


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