Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Think I might have caught something that I heard is highly infectious...

...and while I'm actually battling another cold right now (yes, am also currently on vacation, as it seems I always start being sick one week before my work holidays start...), I don't mean a bug as such, I'm actually talking about something far more severe...

You know, when you try something new and crafty and you just can't seem to stop?

Let's say it all started rather harmless... with the Dumpling Pouch Swap hosted by Mari-Ann on Flickr. Now the word swap alone stands for something severe with some sewists, as swaps can be highly addictive... but while I love swaps, I know I have actually been pretty good withstanding that one addiction ;)
The thing is, that my partner in said Dumpling Swap loves English Paper Piecing (EPP) and while I know how Foundation Paper Piecing works, I had never done the completely different EPP. But I aim to please and I like to extend my abilities/try something new, at least if it comes to sewing and being crafty. And I also have a huge role model in terms of EPP, Karen of Faeries and Fibres. She does amazing arty quilts with all her different EPP techniques, so go give her a visit for some fabulous tutorials.

But not getting side tracked now, like I said I like to try and meet my swap partner's expectations, so I had to give this EPP thing a go...

And that's kind of how the whole disaster started...

And I am being entirely sarcastic when I speak of a disaster, because I realised I quite enjoyed handpiecing... and I usually hate anything that has to do with handsewing...

So I used 3/4" hexagon templates that I received in a swap once and pieced and pieced and pieced away until this little Dumpling pouch was finished... First time ever EPP project finished, tadaa!

But don't think I stopped there... 

Because I also signed up for the Bee Still My Heart Swap hosted by Deanna on Instagram... 
And since honeycombs are hexagons/hexies, I of course needed to make some more...

These were put aside for now though, as I had to work on yet another swap with a deadline much closer than the Bee themed swap. 

I'm talking about the Four Seasons Pillow Swap hosted by Karen on Flickr. I've already been in the Spring round and received a gorgeous EPP pillow (no pun intended at all!) from my friend Tammy, also known as OmaTam. And while I've been doing a foundation pieced pillow in the spring round, I was striving to do something different in this round. Plus, it happens that my partner likes EPP and decided that my idea of doing a tumbling blocks pattern suited her well. 

The plan was to use rainbow colours and low volume, and so I kept making diamonds for a while...

First in low volume, then in different shades of colours to create rows...

Then more colours...

And more rows...

Until now a few days later I have almost the whole pillow top pieced. I took the following picture last night. I have all the shapes done now and only need to sew the last pieces together, then connect the final few rows.

I honestly never thought that doing this would actually be quite so efficient and quick - also it's super relaxing as you can just put your feet up and watch TV while sewing your EPP pieces together. I started working on the colour rows properly last Wednesday evening and since then have been sewing on it pretty much nonstop. So I guess being sick and on holiday from work does help a bit...

Also, I'm already wondering which might be the next EPP project that I could do, but hey, after this pillow is finished, I still have the Bee Swap item to do and that should keep me busy for another day or two ;)

That's it from me for now, do you have any sewing techniques that you are addicted to/can't stop/enjoy way too much? Do tell, I'd love to hear!

xx Lia

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fabric Scrap Swap Announcement!

Hi all!

Looking for a fun and easy way to get a bit of diversity in your scrap bins? Then you may be interested in joining the current round of the Fabric Scrap Swap.

The dates:

Sign-Ups for this round will be open until Saturday, the 11th of April, 2015.

Partners will be sent out no later than Tuesday, the 14th of April, 2015.
All packages need to be shipped no later than Thursday, the 30th of April, 2015

The fine print:

You are required to send scraps of fabric that equal 1 yard (36" x 36") when laid out from end to end and side to side and are no smaller than 2.5" x 2.5" inches, unless your partner requires otherwise. It must be quilt shop quality fabrics and not come from JoAnn Fabrics, Hancock Fabrics, Hobby Lobby or any other big box retailer.
If unsure about the weight and amount to send, 4 FQ's of quilting cotton fabric for example have a weight of about 160g / 5.64 oz. Anything up from that amount will always ensure that you're on the safe side.
You are not required to send any handmade items or extras, but of course are welcome to add extras if you want.

International participants are welcome, but please note that this is a Flickr only swap, so you must have a working Flickr profile to be able to join.

For a full list of rules and guidelines as well as the sign-up form please check the Flickr Group for this swap.

Hope to see you there! :)
xx Lia

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Project Quilting Recap

Hey all!

2015's Project Quilting is now over, 12 weeks of brainstorming, sewing and prize winning. And the 6 challenges posted in this season were more successful for me than I could've hoped or wished for. In fact, I was left surprised quite a few times, which is why I wanted to do a little recap of all my 6 entries that I made for the challenges.

Some were really a bit challenging as I needed a moment to figure out and decide what to make, some were created with techniques I had not used before, some turned into pieces that I really love and adore now and am proud of making. And that isn't just because all of them ended in the top 3 of the viewer's choice votings of each challenge week. That part only made me more proud of having come up with something that other people enjoyed just as much and I'm truly thankful for everyone who took the time to vote! Thank you!

Here is my recap of season 6 of Project Quilting and all my challenge entries, including the votes and places they received in the public voting. If you want to read the stories about how I created these, simply click on the project name underneath the pictures and you will be forwarded to the originals posts.

1st place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 146 votes

2nd place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 226 votes

2nd place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 99 votes

3rd place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 125 votes

1st place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 164 votes

3rd place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 129 votes

That's my recap of this season and it was a really successful one in my books. I learned a lot about myself and my workmanship in these challenges, tried new things I've not done before, and also learned from a couple mistakes. 
I'm definitely looking forward to next year and joining in again. 

There were also several nice prizes that I won. Two small boxes of Aurifil, a calendar from our host Kim Lapacek, several patterns from the Quilting Gallery and a gorgeous keyring. Not bad, so the hard work payed off! ;)

Now it's onto new sewing adventures and of course a few swaps, as I can never seem to resist.
Speaking of swaps...check back for a swap announcement later as I am currently hosting my quick and easy Fabric Scrap Swap again. 

Talk soon!
xx Lia
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