Monday, April 6, 2015

My Project Quilting Recap

Hey all!

2015's Project Quilting is now over, 12 weeks of brainstorming, sewing and prize winning. And the 6 challenges posted in this season were more successful for me than I could've hoped or wished for. In fact, I was left surprised quite a few times, which is why I wanted to do a little recap of all my 6 entries that I made for the challenges.

Some were really a bit challenging as I needed a moment to figure out and decide what to make, some were created with techniques I had not used before, some turned into pieces that I really love and adore now and am proud of making. And that isn't just because all of them ended in the top 3 of the viewer's choice votings of each challenge week. That part only made me more proud of having come up with something that other people enjoyed just as much and I'm truly thankful for everyone who took the time to vote! Thank you!

Here is my recap of season 6 of Project Quilting and all my challenge entries, including the votes and places they received in the public voting. If you want to read the stories about how I created these, simply click on the project name underneath the pictures and you will be forwarded to the originals posts.

1st place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 146 votes

2nd place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 226 votes

2nd place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 99 votes

3rd place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 125 votes

1st place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 164 votes

3rd place in Viewer's Choice Voting with 129 votes

That's my recap of this season and it was a really successful one in my books. I learned a lot about myself and my workmanship in these challenges, tried new things I've not done before, and also learned from a couple mistakes. 
I'm definitely looking forward to next year and joining in again. 

There were also several nice prizes that I won. Two small boxes of Aurifil, a calendar from our host Kim Lapacek, several patterns from the Quilting Gallery and a gorgeous keyring. Not bad, so the hard work payed off! ;)

Now it's onto new sewing adventures and of course a few swaps, as I can never seem to resist.
Speaking of swaps...check back for a swap announcement later as I am currently hosting my quick and easy Fabric Scrap Swap again. 

Talk soon!
xx Lia

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  1. They all look amazing, congratulations on your success!


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