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My name is Julia, although all my friends call me Lia, and I'm from Germany, born in October 1981.


At a very early age I already developed a passion for all things crafty. Drawing, sewing, crocheting, window-colouring, napkin decoupage, crafting cards, soap making, and I'm sure I have missed a few.

But in October 2010 I realised that the one thing I am really good at, and that I can do without feeling tired of it, is sewing. It makes me feel at ease, it sets my mind free, no matter how big the problems or the worries, which I had to learn exactly in October 2010 when my dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Back then for some reason I picked up sewing again, after not touching a sewing machine in almost 15 years. 

I started a quilt for myself, that unfortunately still needs to be finished, but other projects followed, including one of my biggest projects yet, which was a quilt for my best friend in England, who received a Twilight themed quilt from me for her birthday in 2011. The picture above shows me just sewing on the binding on that quilt. 
To this day, that quilt is the most treasured piece I have ever worked on, it almost hurt packing it up and parting from it, because it was so much hard work. 

Now I know that not everyone loves Twilight, and the whole hype has of course cooled down a lot too now (with me as well), but I'm still extremely proud of this piece, and if anyone here wants to check it out, then there's a special album in my Flickr photostream where I documented the work progress: Twilight Quilt.

Sewing helps me unwind and I needed a lot of sewing time to forget about my dad's struggle with cancer, that he sadly lost in March 2011. In a way I guess I need to thank him for bringing this hobby back to me. 

Since then I have sewn a lot, especially to gift to friends and family, then with the help of Facebook actually found a few people who were interested in buying or ordering items from me, so that in fall of 2012 I opened a small online shop for my sewn crafts on Dawanda, which is basically the German and European answer to Etsy. 
A dream of mine would be to get more orders and sew more for customers. A big dream would be for my hobby to be financing my life, but I guess that will never happen.

Also I like the idea of participating in more Block of the Month's, swaps, sew alongs, maybe do one on my own sometime. But I need to learn the ropes first!


If I get the chance, and it's not for the colour choices of a customer, then I most likely work with fall colours. Maybe that is because I am a fally baby and like nothing more than a walk through trees with leaves falling and the striking colours of indian summer, but I find something soothing in earthy tones, browns, reds, yellows, greens and oranges. That's why I really like fabrics by Sandy Gervais (Awesome *, Grand Finale, Phenomenal Fall) because of the colour choices for her fall collections. I also like neutrals, or as quilters call them, low volume fabrics.
Thanks to a friend in Washington, I now have a nice collection of white prints on white, beige and offwhite fabrics, which I have to say are extremely hard to come by over here.
Another obsession of mine are batiks. Lots of greens especially as I use them for the leaves of my fruity potholders. And I also like text fabrics a lot, I'm a fan of newspaper prints, but I'm sad to say that I don't have many of those in my stash yet.
Lately I discovered a liking to rainbow colours, too. Just projects made with modern fabrics in a range of different colours, copying the colours of a rainbow. And aqua, mint and teal are gorgeous, especially in combinations with yellow and orange tones, as well as greys and browns.

In January 2013 I started with paper-piecing and since then it's a sewing technique I just love. It got me addicted and I especially love nature themed patterns.
I'm also currently trying to learn free-motion quilting, but have got a loooong way to go still. So far I've only really mastered it on mug rug sized projects and the swirls and stippling are the best I can do.

*Note: Sandy Gervais' Awesome collection was the first ever quilting fabric that I bought. And I am still working on the 2 quilts that I am making out of the charm pack and panel I bought of it. 


What I rarely use are blues (I actually like blue as a colour) and I try to stay away from purple, although a lot of customer wishes were for purple items. I'm usually open-minded, just not on the colour choice purple ;) And I also don't like civil war prints that much. They're just not my style. Also, while I love fall colours, a lot of people mistake that with the like of muddy colours, and I really do not like anything too dark and muddy. 

In General:

The non-sewing related me loves all sorts of things. Nature for one, long walks with my dog. I like when it's warm and sunny, but a bit breezy and I like the smell of the air after it rained on a summer day. 
I like to stay up late and hate getting up early, my bed is the most comfortable place in the world and I love my sleep.
I like animals a lot, dogs, squirrels, bats, butterflies, sheep...which would lead to my small obsession. When I say small I actually mean that I have over 100 sheep in different sizes. From figures, plush toys, candles, bags, to plant sticks, key chains, the likes. Over the years I have received them from friends and even though I have repeatedly told them to stop, I keep getting them...and I still love sheep. They're adorable! I also love wolves, they're just beautiful!

A few not so positive things about me would probably be that I am highly allergic to all sorts of things. It starts with food: all types of nuts and peanuts, raisins, wheat, and about 20 more. Then we have feathers, cat hairs, etc. etc. etc...makes life so boring and complicated sometimes, meh!
Also I'm a pessimist, can't change anything about that, the glass is always half empty. I'm also far too honest. That has brought on a few troubles in life, although most of my friends got used to it by now and actually treasure me because of it. I often speak before I think, and should really bite my tongue more often.
And I'm extremely cautious with people. I usually know right away if I like or dislike someone and I usually can trust my instincts quite well, just have to learn to listen to them more, but I'm known for my predictions and scarily they often come true.

Other interests of mine are music, my fave artists are Rea Garvey, P!nk and Maroon 5, which kind of is a weird mixture. I listen to a lot of things on my iPod, but those 3 would be the top picks. 
And I like movies. My favourite actors would be Johnny Depp, Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford, as well as Meryl Streep and Rachel Weisz and then that would mean that I pretty much love all the movies they ever did ;)

Now, if you have any enquiries about any of my projects, if you wish to order something, or just have a simple question, you can of course contact me under the email address listed below, because I'm running out of things that I could write on here ;)

Contact: lias.handmades@gmail.com

Mailing Address:
Julia Bruhn
Packstation 110
25746 Heide

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